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  1. Bobby

    S1 no time to comply, invalid execution

    POV Apollo and Nik Radio that they were chasing 3 people that sounded very familiar to the people at GM, They split up and Apollo went after the solo and Nik went for the other 2. There was shots, We tried contacting Nik over the radio and there was no response. So we assumed he was either kidnapped or shot by these 2 people. Server crashes then we all get back in and I see a man that fits the description just without a shirt running south of VMC with his gun out, I kill him and right after I see the second one in the treeline where the first guy just came from and I then kill him too.
  2. Bobby

    Invalid Initiation Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/99511-kos-at-pogorevka/ Why the verdict is not fair: It’s not fair because the initiation was valid, The group of people knew me and were talking to me for a fair bit prior to the initiation so they knew what I was wearing, they knew what direction I went when I ran to the wall [Look at the video evidence provided by @Jim Smokes] The rule that I was told I broke was “4.1 All initiations and hostile actions as well as their demands and conditions must be made clear and unambiguous to all involved players. Hostile actions or initiations must be done personally and on specific targets who must be aware who the attacker is, for example they cannot be done remotely through radio or PA system.” My initiation was simple and precise, used it so many times before and so many others have used it, I said “All of you put your fucking hands up right now or im gonna fucking shoot you” which is what happened, the rule doesn’t say anything about being behind cover while initating so the verdict is incorrect, I followed all the proper rules regarding the initiation from a demand followed by a threat on their lives, they were told what to do and they knew where I was as you can hear me from both videos provided in report, Voip can be used to track where people are, say I had initiated via text then its a different situation because they can’t figure out where I am. They knew where I was, because they saw me walk in that direction and they knew where I was through my VOIP. I did not initiate through a megaphone or PA system, i was right next to the wall across from them when they all lined up in the open. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: An entire discussion relating to this situation came up and caused a lot of discussion between community members about this verdict and how it was indeed following the rules. 36 people agree that the initiation was valid as of writing this appeal. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Ban and points removed. What could you have done better?: By what staff has said, I guess initiate standing right infront of them not using cover (?)
  3. Bobby

    Initiating from behind cover

    Is that what I said? I said "All of you put your fucking hands up right now or im gonna fucking shoot you"
  4. Born and raised in Miami, His father left his family at an early age so It was just His mother and his older brother. His mom was always working and never home so Bobby and his brother never had parents to tell them what was right or wrong. Always getting in trouble in school, skipping class, smoking weed and running around the streets with guns. He dropped out of school once he turned 16 and looked to join some gangs, He made friends with some people in the gang called South Bound Thugs. In order for him to get into the gang he had to do a deal for them. Bobby brought his brother to the deal, He ruined the product so he never went to go make the deal. He knew they were gonna be looking for him so he moved to Jacksonville with his brother and some friends. A couple months go by and his brother was killed in a drive by shooting. Bobby and his friends knew they wouldnt be safe in america so they moved to Chernarus to try and live a new life.
  5. Bobby

    KoS at Pogorevka

    POV: I rolled up started to talk to them for a little bit, then Rav came with his car and accidently ran someone over due to dsync. After that Rav gets out and these guys start asking him questions about his armband the santiagos. They start surrounding him so I take position behind the wall and peak then initiate. I only killed people that were not complying.
  6. Born in Tijuana, things for Bobby were rough him and his family pushing through tough times at most. With his family being within a cartel things weren't normal, people died and drugs were a habit for business. Santiago family being known for being brutal and violent everyone was expected to be ready and violent themselves. Bobby always looked up to his older brother Nicky, He witnessed his brother kill 3 people in a drive by shooting when Bobby was only 12 years old. After this he knew shit was serious in the real world and he had to grow up fast, Growing up around drugs he became familiar, partook in them and now has a keen mind of how to sell. The more he got into the business the more enemies he made, there was rumors about some family members moving out to somewhere not most people knew to continue the business. Family member Emilio reached out and told Bobby where he moved to and how he's currently in the works of establishing with a cartel in South Zagoria sounded discreet and promising. So Bobby joined his brother and hitched a ride and they made there to Chernarus.
  7. Bobby

    Possible KOS

    No one from my group has video evidence
  8. Bobby

    Possible KOS

    There was consistent shots for 10 minutes+, Theres no way you didnt know there was a firefight was going on
  9. Bobby

    Possible KOS

    POV: The people in the compound took @Jason b hostage and when they let him go he gets on the radio and tells us everything that happened. So we go over to mogi at night, [email protected] b used his defender rights and shot the 1 guy. We wait until day comes around and we initiate from 2 different sides of the compound to make sure everyone in the compound heard it. No one in the compound was complying so they all died. For the combat logging, I had Challenger League qualifiers for Siege and I had to go.
  10. Bobby

    for the world to hear

    *Bobby picks up the radio* Wait??? Hold up, Wasn't there 11 of you guys 2 days ago? Oh yea that's what I thought you fucking clown. Wiped by 4 people We'll run your shit any day don't even trip *drops his radio and picks it back up*
  11. tossVC

    • tossVC
    • Bobby

    do you play combat pro?

    1. Bobby



  12. Bobby

    OREL - Unit Kanec Media Thread

    Bob and the gang 10/10 Montage
  13. Bobby

    OREL - Unit Kanec Media Thread

  14. Bobby

    OREL - Unit Kanec Media Thread

    @Blake Why so aggressive
  15. Ivan was born in Chernogorsk to a family where all the men in the family either served in the military or the police force. Ivan joined the Chernarussian police when he turned 18 and after 2 years he proved himself worthy enough to join OREL. Joined OREL at 20 years old, Following the infection he and his squad mates were making every attempt to stabilize Chernarus and the citizens of the once great nation.
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