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    I remember I used to play mine craft since I was 9. I'm 12 now. My friend Renee and I played all day and all through the summer. In fourth we grew apart. We always talked on the phone. In fifth I met Juliana. And my friend Renee, Juliana, and my friend who I also used to play with and known as long as Renee played on a server I bought. It timed out and I created a new one. We all built houses. But when Juliana was gone I Renee and I turned on Jonathan and set his house on fire it was made of wood. Then we banned him. I feel really bad for it it was pointless. Then karma got me and Renee our whole city burned down. Renee and I never played from then on. I forgot how to get into the server. My computer got a virus so we can't play anymore. I fell like we all didn't have the right closure any of us. I still talk to all of them but we don't have the same connection. We never will. And I'm sorry.

    This lowkey made me cry a little

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