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  1. that's untrue he just stood around talking into is radio and when we wernt doing anything it was just awkward silence.
  2. this is untrue he never said anything asking for my hands up or saying he was just gonna kill me all he said before he killed me was that it was a sin for him to tell me his name then sprayed me down with a pp-19. this im a 100% sure of because yesterday I wasn't in any discord calls or listening to music in my background so its not like I misheard him or anything or ignored him.
  3. Server name and time:Server 1 (server time):(UTC): 2019-09-09, 20:55 location:Orlovets main road in game name:Dimitri Parkov allies involved:none name of suspect:i dunno the guy was mumbling into his mic Friendly/enemy vehicles:none videos/screenshits:none Detailed description of the events: I was running to Orlovets as my character was supposed to meet some friends there and go about our business. as I ran into town I agroed some zombies and shot at them and of course killed them with little issue but before I know it I hear running behind me and turn around thinking ive missed a zombie or maybe my friends herd me shooting and ran to me. But to my surprise that isn't the case its the random guy we both wave at each other and neither one of us says a word (as my character is mute) after a few uncomfortable seconds I start a convo with the guy we both swap names and other questions I even ask him what town im in just to be sure im in Orlovets. after confirming I was in the right town we chatted for a few more seconds then he gets on the radio and talks to someone turns to me and says the following "the father says its a sin for me to say my name" and guns me down full auto as I was standing maybe 3 meters away from him no weapon out and literally giving this guy no reason to shoot me without initiation. After contacting staff in the discord a friend told me they found my body stripped of anything usefull and the guy was gone.
  4. Artyom was born and raised in the city of Kharkiv which was in the Ukraine in late 1998. He grew up poor and met the bare minimum requirements for education. As Artyom Grew up he knew he wanted to better himself and would do almost anything to do it. Upon graduation from school he joined the Ukrainian Army and took part in operations across Afghanistan and later would take part in clashes with the Russians in Russian invasion of Crimea. but with the outbreak all engagements with the Russian federation ceased and Artyom was placed in a reserve Unit. after a year of the out break it was happening in the Ukraine to corpses returning to life and feasting on the flesh of the living and spreading the infection. Knowing his home nation had also fallen to the dead Artyom decided it was time to roam and that is how he ended up in chenarus. Not by fate nor decision but by chance hed arrived to the small nation and decided this is where hed spend the rest of his days trying to do good where he can while also surviving day by day.
  5. Gopnik22

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    cant wait for that Russian cammo
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    Hi roland
  7. I went to the mogi camp this morning and saw the shop was broken into and there was a bunch of stuff on the ground I picked up a sagia and tabbed out of the game and loaded up discord to see if peach was online so I could let him know his place was raided via a anonymous radio message and see I could him him and get him introduced to my new charter But then some legion guys showed up and surrounded the building and treated me like I was the raider. (which I admit that it looked super suspicious) Id also like to state ive been a friend of Mr.Peach IC and OOC for a long time and id never raid let alone grief his base as I value our friendship and have lots of respect for him. But to finish my interaction with the legion we talked for roughly 3 minutes before I was asked to put my hands up. I then proceeded to hit the drop key soi could drop the sagia from my hands but I guess I took to long and they felt I was uncompliant to there demands and was gunned down. that is my full POV and im sad to say I wasn't recording today. once again id like to state everything I told the guy when he first talked to me IC was true I came across the base unlocked and open and stuff everywhere.
  8. Dmitry was born and raised in Kursk Russia His family had a hard time adjusting to the new Russia after the dissolve of the Soviet Union in 1991. Besides that Dmitry's early life was simple he went to school and his parents constantly worked forcing him to be alone. As he grew up and eventually graduated from school he didn't know what to do with himself as his small part time job as a store clerk wasn't really bringing the money. So after a discussion with his family Dmitry decided to join the Airborne Troops (Vozdushno-Desantnyye Voyska, VDV) for the RUF and became a marksmn. After completing the required boot camps,training and drills he was deployed to the ever growing issue growing issue of Chenarus. He was dropped early on in the outbreak near the Northern border of chenarus and Russia and ordered to monitor the area and report any changes . After a few days of nothing and watching RUAF jets/bombers fly over then losing radio contact with the main force in week 4 Dmitry took it upon himself to wander into chenarus to see if he could link up with any friendly forces or just see what was going on. After a day of wandering the woods Dmitry came across the Tisy military base all he saw where smoldering fires and empty buildings as far as he could see littered with the occasional infected wandering the tarmac. Knowing he couldn't go back to Russia as it would be the same there Dmitry stays in chenarus to try and forge a better life for himself he doesn't have the answers of what's good or bad he just dose what he has to do to survive.
  9. Taking a break. Simple as that I dunno why fully but I feel the quality of Rp has gone down a lot lately especially with big groups as many of them especially the hostile Rp ones  have this mentality of hording and and being as awful to the little guy running solo or with a small group. I understand the concept of Banditry and hostile Rp (as it’s literally 50% of what makes Dayz ..well Dayz) but what I mean is there’s no fresh ideas or spins on the quote “Badguys” of the server it’s jusr big groups Building,Hording and then robbing/killing  players for the most ridiculous reasons. So I’m gonna use what little sleep I can get today to cool down and either A.Play as my main character one last time before I go on hiatus  or play another. Or B make a new character. And start a new adventure. 

    Either way after tomorrow I plan on going on a hiatus and taking a step back from DayZRP.

    Stay safe and have fun Survivors!



  10. Well it may have been a mistake but really the constant over violent reactions to anything I did that quite annoyed or pissed off you’re character as for the breathing down my mic I can’t help it currently I’m going though a mild medical issue. Many people made it aware to me OOC that I was and I tried to stop (as I’m not a troll or minge I don’t breathe and scream into my mic for what ever ungodly reason to screw with people or disrupt Rp) I tried text Rping but I mean look at all the people we had in camp tonight I couldn’t type fast enough respoces when people did respond to me and I had a couple friends reach out to me in discord letting me know my text Rp was slow and they where having trouble Rping with me. So I forced myself to speak tonight. While sometimes my Ocs are silly or weird they are intended to bring more quality to Rp with tad bits of comedy they arnt meant to be trolly or minge (tbh I’m still working out a balance) but to be honest it’s 2:13 for me rn and I wanna rest on top of I don’t wanna hear my death blamed on a bug and other excuses so I won’t push the report this time but I still do know I’m heavily disappointed in the Rp between the both of us tonight. (So with that I withdraw my report)
  11. Server and location: Server 1 Cherno Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 8/8/2019-1:19Am Standard Eastern time. Server time was:Server time (UTC): 2019-08-08, 05:18 Your in game name:Sergei Petrov Name of suspect/s: I have no names all I know was they were with the blue armband guys calling themselves Legion Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events:Me and members of the wolf pack where running a guy out of town that was doing some rather inappropriate actions to a corpse of a recently deceased person and became semi hostile long story short with that we ended up killing the guy as he wouldn't run away and kept insulting myself and the wolf pack. After the man is dead and people start looting his body I grabbed a machete to cut up the body (to remove it as my character isn't a cambial and has never displayed cabalistic qualities) for unknown reasons while cutting up the corpse this guy runs up and starts punching me and kills me in like two punches. not once did I hear anyone say to stop to me and I don't know why multiple punches was needed but in short im very upset at not only the loss of equipment but literal weeks of rp and development of this character. I know I don't have to PK this character but still its just disappointing that this guy had to keep hitting my character. Come to think of it this individual has been a issue for me since an maybe 2 hours ago id been at the wolf pack/legion joint camp all day everything was fine and I was helping both groups as in game my character wanted to join the wolf pack. At some point this guy decided that I was "annoying" I dunno what I did to him IC but I mean anytime I did something that quote annoyed him hed punch me no real warnings or anything and even threatened to kill me many times for example when my character mocked him on a raid in Mogolevka he said stuff about killing me and then hauled off and punched me. Later after the raid I showed up back to cherno camp and was standing around listening to conversations and some guy run his mouth. well me and this guy where quote "STANDING TO CLOSE TO MY TENTS" is what he yelled as he proceeded to punch me and this guy multiple times. Now mind we wernt trying to access the tents to Steal or raid we where simply standing near them. Basically I'm now loosing count of how Maytime's this guy has punched me for no real rp reason other than the fact my character annoys his now as ive seen with past reports a punch or two isn't really initiation so I've let these punches slide most of the day occasionally my character would say something snippy to him before or after hed assault him. but literally beating me to death over cutting up a corpse makes no sense at all!. Id also like to point out my character never laid hands on this guy or even attempted to fight him or who ever decided it was okay to beat me to death. (As a side note I am willing to talk to this person or persons and here there side of the story and maybe get this resolved without anyone getting in trouble but in the meantime I would like the logs pulled to show who punched me all these times and who even if it isn't the fellow I think it is who delt the killing blow.)
  12. Sergei was originally a border guard in northern South zegoria under the Russian army his orders where to keep people from leaving the small country as there was a biological threat which could endanger everyone which that was all he was told by command. As the days turned to weeks and the weeks to months Sergei and a handful of other soldiers became anxious as bombing runs had stopped along with the long range radio going to static and now every once in a while a running corpse would come from the forest and charge them. Under orders Sergei and the 8 other men stationed at that outpost shot anyone or anything that left the treeline before them. 3 weeks in with little supplies and low munitions Sergei along with a few other men decided to venture into chenarus to see what was going on while 4 others headed back into Russia to never be herd from again. 5 weeks in Sergei and the other 3 men that came with him into chenarus have died from starvation leaving Sergei alone to wander chenarus.
  13. just  a photo I thought would be neat


  14. Server and location: S1 Our Camp In Gorka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): server time was 16:56 real time and date is 7-16-19 12:57Pm standard eastern Your in game name: Franklin Whipple Names of allies involved: @Badsbey @BoBoWA Name of suspect/s: Chan,Liam, two other unknown (possibly wolf pack as the girl and Liam both associate with the group) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I was hanging out in my base with a couple of friends @BoBoWA @Badsbey which is located in Goroka and before we know it there's 4 people at our gate (2 Rping as children) and they made claims that somone in our group was a pedophile. After a bit of arguing and talking we come to the conclusion they are full of it and try to not engage and avoid a fight at all cost but before I knew it the man calling himself Chang screamed Hands up and we all began shooting at each other. the whole time during our fire fight the person Rping as a little girl was abusing 3rd person and calling out where we where then bootsed Chang over our walls which he then proceeded to run through the camp and kill any remaining defenders.
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