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  1. Gopnik22


    that's hot
  2. just  a photo I thought would be neat


  3. Server and location: S1 Our Camp In Gorka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): server time was 16:56 real time and date is 7-16-19 12:57Pm standard eastern Your in game name: Franklin Whipple Names of allies involved: @Badsbey @BoBoWA Name of suspect/s: Chan,Liam, two other unknown (possibly wolf pack as the girl and Liam both associate with the group) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I was hanging out in my base with a couple of friends @BoBoWA @Badsbey which is located in Goroka and before we know it there's 4 people at our gate (2 Rping as children) and they made claims that somone in our group was a pedophile. After a bit of arguing and talking we come to the conclusion they are full of it and try to not engage and avoid a fight at all cost but before I knew it the man calling himself Chang screamed Hands up and we all began shooting at each other. the whole time during our fire fight the person Rping as a little girl was abusing 3rd person and calling out where we where then bootsed Chang over our walls which he then proceeded to run through the camp and kill any remaining defenders.
  4. had some great calming Rp on S2 at Chips shop with my new character thanks to everyone who I interacted with,chatted with and even danced with!!! 



  5. Franklin was born and raised in the good ole USA by two caring average parents. His father was a factory worker who helped assemble cars while his mother was a sectary in the local hospital. Growing up Franklin like his family watched the news on TV and even occasionally listened to it on the radio and was fascinated by over seas affairs from politics to war he enjoyed war the most. Upon graduation of his local high school with average grades he enlisted in the U.S Army and took not only the required boot camp but the extra training to be a combat medic after completing both he was deployed to places such as Afghanistan, Iraq and for a short period the Ukraine. After serving his four years Franklin returned to the states and sought a new but exciting life. But no matter how hard he tried he just couldn't find the right job for himself till eventually he herd of war journalism. Upon hearing about being a war correspondent/photographer he went to his local collage for a couple of years and graduated with a major in photography and a minor in journalism. Taking his new found skills Franklin went to a well known and credited news outlet and signed up to be there over seas correspondent. That's where the fun ended and the nightmare began for Franklin after covering the devastation the tail end of the chenarus civil war Franklin decided to stay with a small UN detachment in southern zegoria to record and take pictures of the aftermath of the war and the humanitarian efforts by the UN. The day the outbreak happened he happened to be in a helicopter flying over Cherno and to this day he doesn't know how or why the helicopter went down wither it was due to human error, enemy fire or friendly fire but either way the pilot set the bird down in the dense forest above cherno most of the crew dying upon impact or a few days later from wounds and the harsh elements at the time. Franklin himself had suffered many cuts,two fractures in his ribs and his right wrist had been dislocated. After living out of the wreckage of the downed helicopter for 5 weeks using what supplies he could find with in the wreckage and from the corpses of the now deceased crew he felt recovered enough to wander forest and begin the rest of his life in chenarus. Now a days Franklin wanders Chenarus with what ever equipment and survival tools he can gather,trade or work for in hopes of living another day but one thing hasn't changed about him His determination to live and his passion for photography. using a old beat up polaroid camera Franklin can be spotted sometimes taking pictures with people he wishes to remember or the beautiful chenarus landscape.
  6. getting really hyped  about chernobylite been watching this ame since its kick start and even backed the project fingers crossed that it comes out soon!


    1. Kieran


      Yeah, considering these devs have a mediocre development history, and the fact that they're already developing another game that's in early access that isn't doing too hot, combined with the fact that all we've seen is pre-rendered footage, I wouldn't say I'm too hopeful tbh.

  7. Gopnik22

    S1: KOS -Krasnostav 6/24/2019 -06:24ish

    MY POV I was running through the field herd shots then came across some wounded dude after that I continued my search for the quote "true shooters" later I was shot in the head and died instantly
  8. Gopnik22

    S1: KOS -Krasnostav 6/24/2019 -06:24ish

    -User has been Warned for this post-
  9. Server:S1 time:2:52am date:6-24-19 was running around the town Of Krashnov and was randomly shot in the head and killed instantly. I don’t know who did it or why but I was killed instantly without initiation or Rp. I’d like the logs pulled to see who killed me and why exactly.
  10. Sorry for the lack of post for those who care while ive been playing almost everyday I got irl stuff to do and mentally I got some stuff to sort out I might take a break.

  11. Gopnik22

    Metagaming rule trial

    I accept
  12. Gopnik22

    Metagaming rule trial

  13. Great Rp this afternoon with @allanman123 @Thrynn basically everyone in the camp provided top tier roleplay today congrats!!!! I look forward to more rp and adventures soon.


  14. Gopnik22

    The S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S (Closed Recruitment)

    you gonna make me cry but we will wait for you hunter
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