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    Taking a break. Simple as that I dunno why fully but I feel the quality of Rp has gone down a lot lately especially with big groups as many of them especially the hostile Rp ones  have this mentality of hording and and being as awful to the little guy running solo or with a small group. I understand the concept of Banditry and hostile Rp (as it’s literally 50% of what makes Dayz ..well Dayz) but what I mean is there’s no fresh ideas or spins on the quote “Badguys” of the server it’s jusr big groups Building,Hording and then robbing/killing  players for the most ridiculous reasons. So I’m gonna use what little sleep I can get today to cool down and either A.Play as my main character one last time before I go on hiatus  or play another. Or B make a new character. And start a new adventure. 

    Either way after tomorrow I plan on going on a hiatus and taking a step back from DayZRP.

    Stay safe and have fun Survivors!



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