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  1. had a great first session yesterday/today  great work with the  Lore and I wanna thank all the people I got to meet yesterday for the awesome interactions. 

  2. Aleskey Started life our simple and quiet back in his homeland of Poland his family wasn’t to poor nor to rich leading to a decent child hood and quiet upbringing. As he grew older and knew more and more about the world he sought out way to help others and serve his country. As he grew oldies while people where planning for collage and other forms of work Aleskey planned for a life in the Polish armed forces specifically he wanted a combat medic role as for him it seemed perfect a role for him to protect and serve his country but also help those in need/Hurt. As his career in the military took off he found the world and its politics outside of Poland to be quiet....different. Then it happened the world began to fall apart at the piece by piece starting with Russia once again becoming more active. Seeing what was happening in chenarus. Poland mobilized its military and its internal affairs defense force along with calling up reserve and volunteer forces to aid UN/NATO forces To aid Chenarus . Aleskey was apart of one of the few units that Poland had mobilized to relief Chenarus during the outbreak. But with all the chaos and fighting somewhere along the line in the fighting and aid in evacuations command lines where Borken comms disconnected and never reestablished Aleskey found himself alone.... to wander Chenarus and never be able to return home.
  3. Idk what to do so far the new lore is fantastic! So hats off to the team for that one but now idk what I wanna do character wise....


    to be Russian or Chernorussian that is the question of the week....

  4. why though standard protocal wasn't followed when punishment was issued
  5. Im gonna be honest and say I have no clue why this was handled the way it was but seeing as how it was made official im gonna treat this like a normal POV from the best I can from memory as the incident im aware of happened days ago. so about two days ago My character Sergey was continuing a interaction/journey with a new found friend of his his name is Colin ICly and on the forums hes @Novi. Now sergey and colin while one is from the U.S and the other is from Russia they have put aside there differences and past to survive and roam chenarus these past few days in the name of not being robbed by bandits and avoiding the growing hoards in cities/towns. In one of there pit stops Sergy and colin took to sheltering in a small home far up north to get out of the heavy rains and cold. After building a fire Colin and Sergey where sharing one of there many more comedic moments with conversation/light teasing and even a few pranks on one another sergey thinking it would be funny decided to trick colin into looking at a note with the word wenier on it and etc. the moment had past and colin got sergey back and once the rains lifted the two continued there journey. this note wasn't written with trolley or malicious intent but was meant to be a light hearted joke between two characters on some down time from a long journey which is how it was received from both parties while me and @Novi are friends OOCly as of recent we do not really communicate out of character other than to say when we are getting online and talk about irl stuff other than that our rp is purely organic/random. from what I understand the contents of what was on the note where seen as a abuse of the NOTE mod but what I want to know is how? as far as I know my character dropped the note after the moment had past and was gonna disappear(despawn) its not like the note was posted on a base or a location where other Rpers frequent let alone copied and placed at multiple locations as while ive made mistakes in the past on dayz rp id never go out of my way to abuse or misuse a mod on purpose or with malicious intent . Another point I don't understand is a official report wasn't made and I wasn't contacted for my POV.
  6. got a another 5 day ban this time for literally messing around with a note 😕 and it wasn't posted anywhere or meant to be trolley in Rp. gotta love this is happening days after the note was written GG 

    1. Chewy


      Appeal section.

    2. Novi



  7. time to come home to chenarus its been a while


  8. Got found guilty of NVFL and a false report today which is utter bullshit not to mention my character I’ve had since day one of being on server has been permed fuck this shit I doubt I’m coming back after my week is up 

    1. Para


      Listen man, people make mistakes and it sucks when they do. If you feel the report verdict is wrong you're still free to make a ban appeal where it will be handled there by a new team. If not, then just try to take the best from the situation and learn from it in the future.

      All the best man.

    2. Epsilon_11


      I doubt that will happen. It’s clear the situation was biased and I just slapped with a bunch of punishments for no reason the most laughable is 1.being hit with a false report claim 😕 I had no malicious intent in making my report I just wanted the situation glossed over as I felt my encounter was unjust instead I get the whole 503 group on My butt and my whole Rp experience is now ruined literal years of character development just POOF gone. I wasn’t angry or quote “salty” before idc about my gear to be honest a little looting and trading can get me the same gear or even better stuff. The fact so much stuff was assumed about me isn’t just ignorant but disrespectful. Now ima go this is the last I’ll mention about it but I was serious about what I said I think I’ll just stick to Tarkov now

    3. Para


      Nothing in the verdict was ignorant or disrespectful. The verdict is based off of evidence provided and your POV. As was explained in the verdict, you received what you did for very clear reasons. If you were so heavily attached to your character why would you attempt to do something to dangerous and unlikely to work out that it would almost certainly result in death? You ran from numerous armed guards without a weapon, shown in the video evidence and by your own admission. 

      Ultimately these were your own words, actions and feelings that you carried out. You hastily chose your actions based on the fact you were pissed off with the RP. There was no mention of gear in the verdict, in fact the only person to even mention any points related to gear was you. 

      I under stand you're upset with the verdict, but I can promise you there was no bias in the decision of the verdict. I stand by my verdict as something that upholds the values of the community. Whatever you decide is right for you from here, I hope you can learn from the experience here nonetheless. 

    4. Elmo


      Run Reserve or don't run at all 😎

    5. Epsilon_11


      Fuck yea man just did 3 labs runs and lived through all of em but got shit loot on the third try 

    6. Elmo


      Pic of the loot or I'll riot

  9. so making a escape attempt is no value for life ? that makes 0 sense a rational person with enough bravery and courage would attempt it they could and saw an opportunity also quit calling me names its becoming rather annoying.
  10. @para I felt the rp was bad because I was literally minding my own business then was an up on by like 3 people screaming hands up or die there was no dialogue before hand or cleaver banditry not even a hi or hey :\. As for the escape attempt yea I was already stripped of weapons and gear when I bolted during the part when they told us to grab food from the soup kitchen.
  11. Server and location: Sitnik/Soupkitchen Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-03-04, 00:29 Your in game name: Dimitri Parkov Names of allies involved: NONE Name of suspect/s: 503/edgy people in orange armbands Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none but I'm sure someone was recording seeing as how they amassed 4+ hostage's with improper initiations. Detailed description of the events: I had woken up in the soup kitchen and organized some things then ran off to sitnik to look for food or meds as my character was sick at the time. After running around and looking through buildings I find nothing and decide to head back to the soup kitchen only to have 3 men approach me with guns out and say quickly 503 hands up or die with no real rp other than after complying them cussing me out and going on about there sepal if I try anything I die . after being corralled with 2 other men back to the soup kitchen more people who had nothing to do with the situation showed up talking about god knows and the 503 do the same thing they did to me told them hands up or die. a woman tried to negotiate but her and her small group soon joined us as well lined up against a barrier stripped of most gear except our clothes. But this isn't about them or anyone else I'm reporting this because well I feel the 503 members provided little to 0 rp when I encountered them it was just hands up or die no slow build up the robbery/being forced into slavery and definitely no dialogue . so in the end seeing as how I wasn't enjoying the experience and was pissed off I tried a daring escape attempt which true to there word got me killed.
  12. that's untrue he just stood around talking into is radio and when we wernt doing anything it was just awkward silence.
  13. this is untrue he never said anything asking for my hands up or saying he was just gonna kill me all he said before he killed me was that it was a sin for him to tell me his name then sprayed me down with a pp-19. this im a 100% sure of because yesterday I wasn't in any discord calls or listening to music in my background so its not like I misheard him or anything or ignored him.
  14. Server name and time:Server 1 (server time):(UTC): 2019-09-09, 20:55 location:Orlovets main road in game name:Dimitri Parkov allies involved:none name of suspect:i dunno the guy was mumbling into his mic Friendly/enemy vehicles:none videos/screenshits:none Detailed description of the events: I was running to Orlovets as my character was supposed to meet some friends there and go about our business. as I ran into town I agroed some zombies and shot at them and of course killed them with little issue but before I know it I hear running behind me and turn around thinking ive missed a zombie or maybe my friends herd me shooting and ran to me. But to my surprise that isn't the case its the random guy we both wave at each other and neither one of us says a word (as my character is mute) after a few uncomfortable seconds I start a convo with the guy we both swap names and other questions I even ask him what town im in just to be sure im in Orlovets. after confirming I was in the right town we chatted for a few more seconds then he gets on the radio and talks to someone turns to me and says the following "the father says its a sin for me to say my name" and guns me down full auto as I was standing maybe 3 meters away from him no weapon out and literally giving this guy no reason to shoot me without initiation. After contacting staff in the discord a friend told me they found my body stripped of anything usefull and the guy was gone.
  15. cant wait for that Russian cammo
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