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  1. Epsilon


    I got nothing to hide check this out lads and ladies and feel free to drop youre opinions because all i can do is wait and pray some good comes my way. ngl depending on peoples responces and how this goes will determine my next update.


    1. AndreyQ



    2. ChewyLR


      I'm sorry dude but you could have played this out in such a better way. The comments you made were unnecessary. The guy harassing you was no better but hell you could have called out something like "What the fuck get off of me" and asked the bus crew for help to get him off you. It's okay to be silly now and then but that was uh. A little absurd/over the line. Especially the comment regarding being violated by your uncle.

    3. Itsmez


      You could have stayed there to resolve the situation with them instead of avoiding to get robbed/shot, looks like avoiding RP.

      And you could have tried to resolve the thing OOC with the guys to tell them that you didnt shoot them.

      You were basically grouped with the guy, atleast it might have seemed to the others who doesnt know whats going on in your mind. I would have stayed to resolve the problem.


    4. Novi


      Someone needs to stop hanging out with white names.

      They just get you in trouble, bro.

    5. Ron


      "all i can do is wait and pray" - another thing you can do is for example to not put an unsolved ban appeal on topic in your status updates.

      Peoples answers don't mean shit in this case - it needs to be handled by staff rn, anything else is pushing drama.

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