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  1. Had another decent day of rp with everyone I ran into but once again I’m kinda sad it had to end suddenly because of my job 😞

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      Get that money gamer.

      DayzRP will always be here when you're done, as will the boys ❤️ 

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      Yeye I hope to see you this afternoon lad I get out of work at 2:30

  2. Happy thanksgiving DayzRp 😁👍

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      Happy Thanksgiving American.

  3. Had a great time at the event today I’m very sad I didn’t get to stay for the whole thing...curse my full time job

  4. @Novi

    My cousin!



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      this mf seriously dropping my face reveal on dayzrp smh

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  5. Cousin, it's your cousin, lets go bowling.


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  6. Id like to formally request to have this report closed as I really just don't like the ooc tension and over all stress its been causing not to mention i just dont enjoy arguing . It wasn't my intentions to go after anyone and turn this into a big thing ive since the report took a small break and decided to go with the execution of my character (as i see no way of ignoring being killed ) and starting a new with a new character. I hope everyone has a good weekend and I hope we all can resume rping and have a good time. Not to mention i dont want any ooc hate between me or any party
  7. Background Igor Svetla was Born on May 19th 1998 and raised in the Ukraine in the region Of Crimea by his mother and father . Igors father was a some what respected enlisted man in the Ukrainian ministry of internal affairs' who met Igors mother a visiting chernorussian woman in a small cafe in Kiev while on leave. After days of talking and meeting the two decided they wanted to stay together so Igors father talked Igors would be mother into staying in the Ukraine using the growing unrest and looming threat of war as a reason for her to stay in the Ukraine with him. With in a span of a year the two had gotten married after Igors mother had gained her citizen ship in the Ukraine. Early Life (Child/teenage hood) Igor grew up relatively well off and normal as one can in the Ukraine His mother getting a job in a local Shopping center while his father stayed in the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal affairs' his presence in Igors early life and development wavering proving to make a not so good relationship for them down the road as there personalities and ideals would clash constantly . It was only his 3rd year of academy when Igor got into a fight with a fellow classmate proving that sometimes Igor isnt very good at solving his problems with reasoning and words a trait he had probably inherited from his fathers side of the family. It was also through this fight when he was taken to the doctors after school by his mother that it was discovered through a bllood test done by the doctor that Igor suffered from Iron Deficiency Anemia which causes his blood to become rather thin and has issues naturally clotting along with other medical oddities such as easy fatigue and elevated heart rate. After the doctors visit and the news of discovering there son had such a medical issue it became a whole new ball game of how Igor would be raised. While his mother was kind and caring along with a bit to over protective his father saw Igor as a weakling knowing that when Igor came of age due to his illness couldn't enlist in the military as anemia is seen as a disability which caused him to not only resent his son but his wife to for her constant coddling of Igor. With in a span of a few years Igors father divorced his wife/Igors mother leaving Igor motherless and trapped with the strict old man. His mother heart broken and betrayed by the only man she loved moved back to Chenarus. As the years went by his father only getting more fat and old Igor only becoming more angry at the world things would soon come to a breaking point between them as Igor one day had talked to his father as rare as conversation between the two was about the now raging conflict in the Ukraine with Russia his father naturally reminding him of his disability and inability to serve the nation. Pissed off and finally having it with his father at 18 Igor left there family home in kiev and just to spite his father and prove to himself that he could do anything he put his mind to he quit his job at a computer repair shop and joined a militia bound for the War torn Region that had since became a battlefield as of 2014 the region of his birth ....Crimea . Militia Years ( 2018-2020 beginning of global infection) After leaving his home life and disapproving father behind Igor found himself in the the muddy trench filled hell of the battlefield that was Crimea his small militia group underfunded, under equipped and under motivated through 2018 the group was boastful in its numbers and morale many of the soldiers older men from the soviet era and others younger men like Igor some joined up because of patriotism and a other wide range of reasons . But as 2018 came and went the small group realized the government wasn't coming to aid them what troops did come to the lines barely stayed and where constantly pulled back by the government for various reasons but yet igor and the group of men stayed living in the shallow trenches and foxholes in the vast fields. Once winter came it was even worse as supplies became scarce everything even winter clothes where seen as a blessing as for weapons and ammunition those where pulled off of dead fellow comrades or dead Russian federation soldiers As 2018 soon faded into 2019 the stalemate only grew worse as the Russian federation for some reason stopped advancing and focused more on there bombardments with artilary and mortars. As another year of bloody horrific warfare went on the militia went from two battalions worth of men down to 4 squads of cold,hungry and desperate men Igor included his mind always filled thoughts of slinking away in the night and deserting but he always would push thoughts away his reasoning being that he simply needed to finish what he started and prove to himself that he really was a warrior and a true man and the only way to achieve those goals was to keep the Russians at bay till they either all died,gave up or simply the Ukrainian government backed them again . As 2019 faded then became 2020 with in months things became odd as the fighting died down slowly but surely the Russians began to leave some heading back others heading south...it wasn't long after that Igor learned through a small field radio about a mysterious flu that was ravaging the world nation by nation slowly consuming populations including his beloved home land....with no other option as men began to leave the battlefield to seek transportation home to be with there families. Igor on the other hand had different plans sure he wanted to get off the battlefield as much as the next person but hed rather fight a stalemated war then return to his father Poor and disheveled. Through long thought and rationalizing with himself Igor came to the conclusion that he would go to the one place where he thought he had the slightest chance of meeting the other half of his family his mothers side of the family ..... Chenarus. Chenarus (beginning/Present) Ditching his militia uniform and gear Igor found a way to enter chenarus even with all the unrest and issues rising politically and with the unknown flu meeting with a wartime journalist back in the Ukraine he bartered for the journalist extra camera and fabricated a fake press pass along with using his old Ukrainian ID to provide proof of who he was then later simply joined a Russian convoy as it entered chenarus under the pretense he was there to document the "Period peace" they where ushering in which he knew from experience would probably end in a blood bath but that wasn't his concern he was more concerned with finding his mother and the other half of his family and reuniting with them and getting through this pandemic together . As time went on and Igor shed his disguise as a journalist did he realize how hard it would be to find his mother let alone the other half of his missing family as when she had originally been divorced by his father she had reverted back to her original last name of which he didn't know when she came back to the country. Now lost and alone with little hope of being reunited with his mother who is either just as old as his father or is more likely passed on due to the current events in chenarus Igor finds himself sticking to the small towns and forest of chenarus hiding from nationalist ,bandits and the infected his goals now shifting towards surviving this hell no matter what and no matter the cost Igor has vowed to himself that he wont let himself be beaten by the circumstances he now finds himself in.
  8. Sitting here thinking of a new character like.


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      Russian scavs unite!

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      thinking Ukrainian 

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      Kurwa no!

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      sorry lmao

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      Make an...




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      No to Patriot's statement, we already got enough Americanski 

  9. Have a good weekend everyone👋

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      I'll try! I have 12 graveyard shifts 

  10. I didn’t say that I was or wasn’t muted in discord but if it’s that’s important to you my Comms where muted and deafened and when I hadn’t seen anyone I was grouped with at the time moving around the town I felt something was up or that maybe they went someplace else in the city so I came down. Again idk why you’re so bent on knowing what I am or am not doing. This is about you shooting me in the face for screwing with leaves and shouting Yes at you.
  11. Once again I wasn’t aware I had to update my character page if such serious injuries where present as I had acquired them roughly a day or two ago in game. It’s Also very bold of you to assume I was trying to avoid Rp or Be a troll along with calling me childish if I wanted to avoid the situation I could have logged out on the hill after my group was initiated on but i didn’t I came down to town with my gun on my back and let myself be taken. As for you’re other insults towards me Here and now and in youre Pov I don’t appreciate them and this shows me that you’re angry for being called out at the end of the day you shot and killed a unarmed complying person. I will admit I’m not always the best at following directions right away as I can’t always hear the best as I do have a hearing issue outside of IC but I don’t wish to discuss my medical issues to strangers online. with that I’m done replying to any manors on this topic and will await a verdict Idc about winning or loosing I simply wanted this brought to light.
  12. wasn’t aware I had to update my character page if such serious injuries where present but thanks for assuming I was trying to be disruptive.
  13. Kinda find it odd how it’s being flipped around that I quote “didn’t value my life” meanwhile during the whole situation I’m complying and trying my best as my Roleplay with Cerberus wasn’t giving me much to work with as when I did try to talk to my fellow hostages or a Cerb member I was either Called a “Retard” or “Eyepatch wearing Whore” if I didn’t value my life I to be honest would have tried to escape or something in the woods. I ended up having to literally yell Yes as apparently my “Mhms” and “Yea” wernt herd before.
  14. Server and location: Server one, Eastern Forrest of Zelenogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): November 19th, 2020. approximately 3:55+- Your in game name: Aleskey Nowak Names of allies involved: @Panda @Kermie Name of suspect/s: @CERBERUS international @Phoenyxx Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot:Being uploaded Detailed Description Of Events: This evening I was patrolling the streets of Zelenogorsk as my character Aleskey Nowak all was quiet and peaceful until cerberus showed up for the 5th day i believe in a row to wander the town but avoid talking to us other than saying "Hi" and positioning themselves in buildings,alleys and the hills around zelenogorsk with there guns out they once again seemed up to no good. As we talked over the radio we decided if they asked to put our hands up we would comply as at the time we where out numbered. It ddint take long for our short dance to end once some CERB members decided to initiate on @Kermie and another member. Unfortunately i didnt hear about my friends peril in town over the radio as i had my radio off at the time as IRL and IC my character and i suffer from constant miigraines (my characters head injury/Eye injury happened in past RP events making him hard of hearing and suffers from constant migraines) So when i decided to leave my position on the hill and go back into town i was jumped by @Phoenyxx and asked to put my hands up which i did. Eventually after being disarmed and degeared i was put with the other hostages and given food/water as apparently we where gonna take a trip east on foot. After some talking and walking we are lead to the forest east of zelenogorsk near the barn and told to pick a tree which i do and soon my fellow hostages join me as we wait for cerberus to make further moves. After a fe seconds of banter and talking to my fellow captives my character dose the following from what i can remember and if any of it is incorrect im sure the mods will have the logs. me:Picks up leafs and plays with them no one says or dose anything me:Plays with leafs Female cerb soldier: STOP PLAYING WITH THE LEAFS ME:...... female cerb:DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!?!? ME...*CANT HEAR* female CERB: DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!?!?! ME: YES!!! Her:raises gun me:dead..... Between that interaction with me and the woman i believe to be phoenixx one of my fellow hostages tried to explain why my charcter was yelling and acting out she and the other cerb members kinda blew it off and never fully recognized it. due to concerns of staff bias as they are friends with the accused in my report id like to ask these specific staff members arnt involved. @Jamie and @Zanaan
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