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  1. -Humble Beginnings- Sasha was born and raised in the somewhat large city of Pskov his family a quiet hard working middle class type his mother a journalist for the city paper and his father your run of the mill factory worker. While Sashas family seemed hard working and quiet at home was a whole other show entirely his father always drunk as the pain and stress his job put on him always followed. As for Sashas mother well she simply chose to ignore this issue and simply wouldnt pay anymind even when sashas father would have loud drunken fits of rage which involved him throwing thin
  2. back again 

    1. Novi


      Pog champ

  3. im back bbyyyyyyyy

  4. Temporary hiatus ....


    hate to make a post like this but I gotta take some time away from the game and server. IRL I’m having some financial issues and am loosing my Apt so while I talk with family on where to go until I’m back on my feet and look for a better paying job I’m gonna be cutting not only my DayzRp time but my overall gaming time. Gloomy mushy stuff aside I’ve had some great Rp this year with all my friends and had lots of fun Happy holidays DayzRp I hope to be back soon 🙂 🎁🎁🎉🎉

    1. Novi


      I'm gonna miss you dog.


      Good luck with irl stuff and we hope to see you back soon.

  5. @TheLamp1 thanks man I very much enjoyed our Rp as well and I look forward to finding you again soon again I’d like to apologize for having to cut things short because I had to go to Work.
  6. It’s Saturday...y’all know what means even if there’s no boys 

  7. Sergey started out his life fairly quiet and well to say the least it was boring yet safe due to the hard work of his Mother and Father who met before the Soviet Union fell in 1991. After the fall of the union and taking a lot of time to readjust to the new Russian federation Sergey's father had left the red army to pursue a quiet simple farming life in the country his mother not really liking it at first soon adjusted to the quiet life as well. Once sergey was born not much really changed as the Glasgovs continued to run there small wheat farm provinding there home town of Omsk with o
  8. The new map seems interesting.....to say the least I suppose it’s time to cook up a new character and see how it goes.  


  9. Had another decent day of rp with everyone I ran into but once again I’m kinda sad it had to end suddenly because of my job 😞

    1. Novi


      Get that money gamer.

      DayzRP will always be here when you're done, as will the boys ❤️ 

    2. Epsilon


      Yeye I hope to see you this afternoon lad I get out of work at 2:30

  10. Happy thanksgiving DayzRp 😁👍

    1. Niller


      Happy Thanksgiving American.

  11. Had a great time at the event today I’m very sad I didn’t get to stay for the whole thing...curse my full time job

  12. @Novi

    My cousin!



    slav-on-transformer-69192937 (2).jpg

    1. Novi


      this mf seriously dropping my face reveal on dayzrp smh

    2. Epsilon



    3. Niller



  13. Cousin, it's your cousin, lets go bowling.


    1. Epsilon



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