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  1. You guys only use one mod? The DayzRP mod right?
  2. Bobby's Dad was an army man and spent most of Bobby's childhood doing stuff for the army. The time that Bobby's dad was around was spent at the gun range teaching Bobby how to handle guns. Bobby knows everything from hand to hand combat. to sniping a moving target with an SVD at up to 1000 meters. Bobby plans to make it home alive and well to his family no matter the cost. Bobby isn't a bad guy deep down, but he knows what it takes for him to survive. He's not afraid to do anything in his power to get home to his family, (and for morphine).
  3. I launch through the dayzsa launcher and my screen just freezes when it says DayZ https://gyazo.com/fefa4df3e99911656a75bd97be702069
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