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  1. I don't have the DayZ Launcher that was found within Steam since the last update. Does anyone know the fix for that. I apreciate any help, thanks!
  2. Oh! That is shitty... i hope the devs fix this persistence problem once and for all. Thank you from my heart for the heads up. Love and respect to u!
  3. Why did the persistence was wiped all of the sudden?
  4. Me and my friend... well, we have been realy realy drunk :))
  5. CarnageCry

    S1: RDM/NVFL Stary/Kab field - 2019-01-01, 22:50

    At 2:20 min in the video is the initiation "I've never meet you but i swear to god i will but you in the ground if u don't give him your sword". That is a clear threath to my life and what is next is even more clear of what action i have to take next. I apologise for escalateing a little bit, it will not happen again, no reazon can excuse me for that, i got even after that humiliated in discord as i wanted to see what will they say if i just lay low. This is a game and this guys are clearly fake as the video and the report are just against eachother, they have been hostile, they threath my character's life. At the end of the day this is just a game.
  6. CarnageCry

    S1: RDM/NVFL Stary/Kab field - 2019-01-01, 22:50

    "Why don't u just give your ak to my friend over there" that is is pretty much all i had to hear to know what is going to happen next after i say now with 5 guys around me. i got daily in this kind of situations and i get roobed or killed after that.
  7. CarnageCry

    S1: RDM/NVFL Stary/Kab field - 2019-01-01, 22:50

  8. CarnageCry


    I have read tham all again and now i am careful to not have that problem again and i forgot it... actualy i have found a new story in my mind because of all that happend so is fine. All bad towards all good hehe. thanks friend!
  9. CarnageCry


    i actualy never kos... i was just mad there was no words from me and i died... i am going to just take revenge on them I will take ur advice, thank you! I am trying to understand how the server is since i love to roleplay... it seems i have to die a few times... very frustrateing but i hope all will start to make sence. I won't even defend myself since i play friendly... it seems people kill me anyway...
  10. CarnageCry


    So i was around novy sobor and i heard some shooting and a lot of people there. i had some internet connection problem that caused a bit lag for me and i went to check my internet, next thing i see two guys with orange armbands counting and shooting me down as i was standing still. Is this Rp or how is it? Cuz i might start kos aswell if its allowed
  11. Ex mercenary and scientist that was kicked from several mercenary groups for its psychotic disturbances. Member of a so called Green Beretts squad. came to Chernarus from Romania durning the outbreak to find work and see if he can find answer for his target of life that is to decode life and what happends in human nature. He is curious by nature and seeks to know all life answers. Lone wolf and trained in ways of war he is a true survivor. He belives in one simbolistic mind complex alone that all that cross his path and walk with him and makes a connection with him will sooner or later die. Loves music and painting aswell to connect with other humans and study them. He values virtues such as respect of character and loyality and honor and sincerity. Slightly sence of humor... Carnage Cry
  12. Thank you with love from the deep of my heart
  13. i have been accepted to the comunity and i have the password but stil i can't connect... "Bad version, server rejected connection" What can i do in this case?
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