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  1. Vadim "Bear" Jevdokymenko was born on the 15th of November 1993 in Miroslavl' hospital. His mother, Iva died while giving birth to him, which lead to his grandparents taking care of him since his father left Iva after she got pregnant. His grandparents Bohumila and Vladimír took good care of him even though they did not have that much money. Vadim hang out with his grandfather for most of his free time. // REST OF THIS IS JUST A PLACEHOLDER, I WILL FINISH THIS WHEN I DO HAVE SOME SPARE TIME. CHARACTER IS MENT TO BE PLAYED IN 1.06 ANYWAY //
  2. Paul and friends take shelter in the charity center after a fight..
  3. Works for me, i usually play other games whilst watching player count on a second screen and join when the server is almost full. Just like yesterday, joined around 7PM because there were about 70 people on the server.
  5. pavot


    Mod name: Atv_mung Steam workshop link: LINK Reason to be added: More variety, country like Chernarus would have these.
  6. pavot

    DayZRP 19.10.1

    @RedSky Isn't that from Place Anything?
  7. Pavel was born in Prague, the main city of the Czech Republic. He grew up in a rich family, his father was a businessman and his mother a doctor. His father wanted him to take over his company, but Pavel was never thrilled about that. He wanted to become a soldier, just like his grandfather. He signed up for a military school as soon as he could. He finally joined the military after years of studying and training. Pavel was mostly stationed in the Czech Republic. He signed up for a special unit after a few years of service. Pavel was still in the Czech rep. when the infection started to spread. He and his team were sent to Chernarus a year after the infection. Unfortunately, his team was overrun and he had to leave them. Now hes stranded in Chernarus trying to survive.
  8. pavot

    Need help!

    *Paul takes his walkie talkie out of the backpack and then presses the PTT* Hey, can anyone hear me? *sighs* I've gotten myself into some deep shit. I ran into the to.. *caughs* toxic zone. I must be sick or something. I'm managing to keep myself alive with saline bags, they seem.. they seem to work a bit. I'm near Novaya Petrovka. If you can help please respond, i don't have much time left. *few seconds of silence* The guy i was with is also infected, damn i forgot his name. He went to take a leak and never came back.. Sorry friend, but i couldn't find you. Fuck.. please someone.. *releases PTT*
  9. Every camp i have ever got in to take a peek in their tents had tons of baked meat, that kinda ruins the survival aspect of the game. I personally don't care. I only suggested it so there's more variety.
  10. True, but when you spray down a bunch of wolves you get tons of food, propably even with the bear. Infected have a smaller chance of having loot, so it would be just a waste of ammo.
  11. Both of these suggestions are pretty simple, but could actually make things more interesting. I. Now i'm not saying that all infected should be jacked. But it would be awesome if some of the infected would have more health than the other ones. Maybe those wearing vests and helmets? Or just add a "more mutated" fella. They could be slower to keep things balanced. Plus those army boys packin' tons of ammo would have to start aiming for it's head instead of sprayn' and prayn' like they usually do. II. Camping, roaming or just finding mushrooms could get a bit more interesting and dangerous by adding infected spawn points into the middle of nowhere, pathways or water sources. I'm not talking about big hordes of zed's. Maybe just a small amount of 1-3 infected. Would make sense for them to be there because they can hear sounds from the forests.
  12. pavot

    Where is all the loot?

    I have about 80 hrs of playtime on the server and I managed to find only two M4s. And only because I broke into someone's house
  13. IGN: Robert Svoboda Country: Chernarussian English skills: Decent DayZ Mod Experience: Used to play it a lot. DayZ Standalone Experience: I know the game mechanics and stuff, played about 100hours. Roleplaying Experience: Used to play roleplay on other games, this is the first time where people speak via voice chat. What kind of In-Game role best describes you: all around survivor, mostly friendly untill you Fu.. with him. Have you been in any clan/group previously: No. Additional notes: It would be best to play with people who are in the same timezone (CET), I have plenty of time to play. Best way to contact you: You can message here, or add me on discord pavot#1527 Backstory: My character's backstory can be found at my profile. But if I put it briefly Robert is from Czech Rep. He used to be a cop, but growing up he wanted to be a doctor so he knows a lot from medicine. He decided to join the UN to help others after some events that transpired in his life. He was on his way to a humanitarian mission somewhere near Chernarus. Unfortunately, the ship he was on managed to crash into an unknown object and sink. He hit his head in the process and lost most of his memory. All he knows is his name, where was his born and that he needs to survive the world he woke up in.
  14. Robert was born in the Czech Republic on Thursday, April 05 1979. He grew up in a small family of three. When growing up he always wanted to be a doctor so he did as much as possible to learn everything he needed to become one. While choosing to which school he should go to he changed his mind and went to a police academy which he passed and become a policeman. He met a woman when he was 26 and fell in love with her. Asked her on a date which went well and so he married her when he was 27 years old. He had two children Kate and Samuel but unfortunately, Samuel passed away when he was 10. This event marked him for the rest of his life. Robert tried his best to keep the rest of his family together.
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