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  1. Mason Chong was born in Seoul, his mom was from South Korea and his dad was from North Korea. Growing up Mason spent most of his time in South Korea out hunting for food on the streets, but then in 2014 he moved to Lakeside with his adoptive father Emilio, to become a gangster. He moved to Lakeside and became an extreme gangbanger that would kill for anything. The year is 2016 and Chong have been running away from cops since 2015, he doesent wanna go to jail so now hes planning an escape route with his friends planning on going over to a smaller town called Chernogorsk. In November 2016 Chong and his friends successfully escape the cops on their way to Chernogorsk, they now arrive into a brand new town where they have never been before. Emilio rents a small cabin for us while getting ready for a new life. The year is 2017 and Emilio wants to check out spots where he could possibly hunt for some food, he meets up with a local guy that tells him where the good hunting spots are. Mason Chong then decides to go out and look at them, halfway to the good hunting spot he stumbles upon a weird creature that was just laying down in the forest. He goes to look at what it is, but then seconds after it stands up and starts attacking Emilio. Luckily Mason Chong had a gun on him so he got to shoot the creature. He then makes it home to tell his friends what happend, and they dont belive him for a single second. Next morning Chongs friends wakes him up and tell him about what they saw. Now they all belive that there is some sort of an outbreak happening. They gather all the resources they have around them and start barricading the cabin and preparing for something really bad to happen.
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