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  1. My name is Miro-Kaspian, I am 23 years old proper Finnish man, born and raised in the marvelous city of Turku. I was blessed with 2 amazing brothers ho died when i was 8. At the age of 16 I lost my parents in a train accident, leaving me alone with my grandma and grandpa, grandpa ho later when i turnd 19 past away. The feeling of abandonment stayed with me for many years but eventually became my biggest strength. By the time I turned 22, I decided that i wanted to see more of this incredible world we live in and left grandpa alone in Finland. And so my long journey to Chernarus begun... Finally after arriving in Chernarus and living in Electro for a couple of odd yearsi finally met my wife Abijah... I was working in a small shop in Electro. l helped with cleaning and putting products back on the shelf. Work wasn't rely that hard and not rewarding either, but it helped me and my wife set up our lifes here. I lived not far from the shop in a small apartment with all the basics... A year or so passed (October 2017)The outbreak started, everything began to fall aprt around me, everything I knew had been stolen or destroyed, people i knew and loved getting sick... worst thing was seeing Abijah pass away...i can still hear her screams at night, i barely can sleep at all. I had stacked up some food from the shop i worked in and locked my shelf into my apartment ignoring the rest of the world, i lived in my little apartment for months until the food started to run out. I was scared but i was starving. I finally got my shit together and backed my backpack with the few things i still had and headed out into the wilderness...now I have one purpose and one purpose alone to find a cure and survive the outbreak.....
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