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  1. I did it! it will still login my main character.
  2. I grew tired of my main and want a fresh face, so I created a new toon but swapping names in the launcher won't let me start fresh, what am I doing wrong?
  3. Why is none playing Namalsk? seems like a great map.
  4. Was born in New York in 1982 in a poor family, from young age Sam was home alone since both parents we're away working to pay rent so Sam had to take care of his younger brother Kael who always got in trouble usually by stealing, Sam always took care of his brother despite being the exact opposite of him. Sam barely finished school with passing grades and joined the police academy where he proved his natural talent and became an officer. some years later when the outbreak began in Chernarus he travelled there to aid the people, he is not stuck there as the rest of you.
  5. Alex was born in New York to a rich family that originally immigrated from Russia, from young age he was seen as a clever kid with bright future, he was best at math,science and sports. As a teenager his father would take him on hunting trips and taught him basic survival skills like fishing,shooting and cooking in the wild. He finished college with a degree in electronics. At the age of 23 he joined the fire fighters and worked for a few years until the outbreak, he then flew to Namalsk to aid the people and got stuck there.
  6. He was born in Moscow in a mid class family, he finished school and worked in the OMON special task force for about three years before his grandmother was ill and he went to Chernarus to help her but then the outbreak happened and now he is alone wandering the wasteland. He was always interested in the art of survival so he read books about survival even camped with friends going out to the forest for days. When the outbreak happened his grantmorther was turned and he had to put her down, he buried her in the back yard. he knew it wasn't safe to stay in the village so he gathered some supplies and his grandfathers old hunting rifle and fled to the forest where he spent a few weeks in a hunter tower which he covered and made suitable for one man to sleep in.
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