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  1. homel3ss KB

    Free Medics Homestead beacon AM 650 KHz outbound 652 KHz inbound.

    *Vladan pulls the radio out from behind the bed and opens up the piece of paper in his pocket* *He set the frequency on the radio and pressed the button* "Doctor? where did you go?" "Its Mr Nick eh" "Can you hear me? Doctor Brandon" *Vladan releases the button*
  2. Vladan "Nikolai" Nikolic May 12th, 1980 Nikolai was born and raised around Smederevo in 1980, he was the youngest of a family of Serbians. His Mother a nurse and his Father a pilot for the Serbian Air Force and previously one for the Yugoslav Air Force. His family was extremely patriotic but also extremely supportive of the communist government. The town which the family lived in had seen great urban expansion and economic boost under the government, resulting in Nikolais Mother to easily find a job to support her family. During Nikolai's childhood, his Father wasn't around much but his much older brother David would watch him and his sister at home while his brother was off doing whatever. When Nikolai was 11 his older brother joined the Serbian Army. Thus giving Nikolai a lot more free time, by the time he was 16 his family had been suffering from the UN added sanctions over the war between Bosnian Muslims and Croatia which found Nikolai hanging out with some more radical based teenagers. They liked to pretend they were Communists fighting against Germans, Croats or the Bosnians when they were younger. But now they trained for it and they all aspired to join the Serbian Army. At heart Nikolai was a communist, he idolized the Soviet Union and especially Tito, he hung a Soviet and the SFR flags in his room. He dreamt of a better Serbia like the ones his parents told him about. The one ruled by a strong communist leader, he wanted that he even dreamt of being that. Kosovo: Again he was hit with bad luck, the pro-communist movement he had once known had faded away in his absence, however, his passion for communism had not, He began planning a trip to a communist village in Russia just north of the Caucasus. Ukraine: Nikolai was just a simple man he wanted a red flag to raise, an anthem to sing to, a state to fight for, freedom for the people. Chernarus: Nikolai was unaware at the time while walking on foot into Chenarus, that a deadly infection had broken out. While traveling he came across a collum of Russian Soldiers and vehicles heading south, unfazed he continued. When he crossed in Chernarus he got his bearings and headed towards South Zagoria.
  3. Vlas Petrov: Vlas parents moved to Chernarus because of the FSS' investigation into them and their treatment of their followers in their church and there "camps" they would run every now and again. On paper, the Petrov family was a respected, wealthy, orthodox family but where far from any of those things. There was a more sinister and darker thing lurking in the background of there family's life. Vlas grew up in a rural neighborhood. At an early age, his father and mother influenced him to pick up the Bible and begin his religious studies, so that in the future he would become a priest for their new church in Chernarus. Throughout his youth, he was an odd one out because of being Russian, and also because of his father. Kids where cruel and creative but not all the things they made up about his father were wrong, he probably was the son of the Devil. However, their parent's church began to grow including primarily Russians from all over the region. Vlas could now spend time with other people who were the same as him, he especially enjoyed the time all the members would stay for a week, that was his favorite. At age 25, Vlas was finally ordained to become a priest in the church. However, his goal of following in his parent's religious dreams would never become a reality as during a meeting between some of the younger members the news of an outbreak reaches them he decides to lock them inside the building. The outbreak was still in its infancy but Vlas and his fellow survivors quickly ran out of food. It wasn’t long before they all began to starve, too afraid to leave to look for food in fear of what may be outside. Before long, it started to drive them all mad. In the middle of the night, while having illusions due to the starvation, Vlas saw an angelic figure approach him. It began to speak and give him a different interpretation of the world. The figure said it was sent by the Mother, seeking out the true savior of the world. His faith immediately came back to him, just as twisted faith but with new rules, his delusions while starving had caused him to evolve. He believed that he was the Messiah of the New World, and he had to bring true faith to those who were left on this great world. He banded together with the other survivors with his stories of the figure they supported him and believed him, they deemed the faith Fatherism. They believe they are the ones who will rebuild society… their own twisted, demented view of society...
  4. *Bruno grabs the radio and presses the PTT* "Dekuji" "I hope to see you soon"
  5. *The static breaks as Bruno presses the PTT* "Kurva!" *the static returns for a minute* "Shitty Russian radio... " "Ahoj, I feel disgusted to ask but are there even any Cherrnarussians out zhere?" *Bruno spits* "Our beautiful country is being ruined by dirty foreigners and even v'orse Communists" "Where are my people?..." *Bruno cuts out and the static continues*
  6. Bruno Janoušek Childhood: 2000 Bruno was born in a village bordering Russia, in Central Kopec. Bruno and the other 32 kids in the village all attended the same school, it when from when they where six or five to when they were 16. At school, Bruno learned all the basics but particularly enjoyed their outdoor education class, where they learned about nature and animals, how to hunt, how to cook and how to stay alive. He enjoyed playing football and swimming in a river that ran through the mountains. Everything was going great. Civil War: 2009 Bruno's Father was no less than a nationalist he loved his country. He had been a member of many underground Nationalist groups, but more recently he was a member of the Národní Strana. As soon as the fighting started in South Zagoria his father and nine other men left the village to fight the ChDKZ and possibly the Government. Bruno and his friends all wanted to fight with their fathers and began to “train” themselves in the forest, and when the men returned when the war ended only five of the nine returned. Bruno's father had died somewhere in Chernarus, apparently during an attack on a communist-held town. Later Life: Bruno and his friends didn't really share their parent's views on the government after the large amount of money that started coming into the village, originally the police of the village where simply militia, operating out of an old Soviet-Area bunker, but as the town grew over the years an official police station was built and a real police presence arrived. Originally Bruno wanted to join the police or even the army but one night while spending time with other men from his village they agreed to form an underground Nationalist group to protect the citizens of the village and their interests. Ultranationalism: 2015 The small village had grown to a much larger size over the years, the small population had nearly tripled from. With this new influx of people, it brought types that Bruno and his friends would rather see dead than walking the streets of their town… foreigners. In early 2015, an elderly Chernarussian woman's supermarket, in Bruno's village where put out of business by a Georgian couple and their own shop. Unfortunately for the couple the store mysteriously burnt down and the couple got no community support, however the old woman somehow found money to start up her shop again. Unrest: Late 2015 - 2016 Bruno's group met with other ultranationalist groups. Many who agreed their communities where being invaded by communist loving foreigners, the groups around the Dobkovicy area somewhat unified and began arming themselves, to tackle the imposing communist threat. However a member of this new “faction” made a mistake, he shot an officer in broad daylight in front of a large group of people, however, on the bright side the officer was a Russian immigrant. Thus sparking a short few days of violence between Police and the ultranationalists. Five officers lost their lives, eight nationalists were killed and 14 nationalists were arrested. Police had gotten intel from a raid on a member's home, they found information showing Bruno's association in almost every “crime” committed by the group, he was a wanted man. Wanted man: Late 2016 - Early 2017 For a short few months, Bruno was living in a family’s shed that sympathized with the cause, he was constantly in contact with other nationalists and especially ones in the police. Unfortunately, he was unable to clear his name because of the foreigner's grip on the local police. However he was in contact with nationalists in South Zagoria and in May, he departed eastward. The Outbreak: The travel was unexpectedly long, Bruno was on foot and carrying almost everything he owned. He was camping somewhere… about to go to sleep not knowing where he was. He was abruptly woken in the night to the sound of gunfire, followed up by a roar of a jet. Bruno was quick on his feet grabbing what he could and ran in a direction.. which direction? a direction
  7. homel3ss KB

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    good to see this back, it'll give more group diversity. Good luck
  8. Early Life: 1991- 2000 Aakifah was born and raised in New York, he was homeschooled by his mother and practiced his religion as efficiently as any other Muslim. Two days a week his father would homeschool him, but the subjects of math and English was completely overshadowed by history, Aakifah learned of the struggles of his country, people and Islam as a whole. He spent time with his brothers and other African Muslims and was constantly surrounded by a thick African accent, their group would constantly get into trouble around their neighborhood, whether it fights with other kids or shoplifting they did it all. Aakifah saw men like Malcolm X as his hero in these nine or so years, he unlike his father saw every black man and woman as his brother and sister, no matter what religion or country they were from. He loved hip hop and rap and he loved everything about the gangbanging lifestyle. Hatred towards police: 2000 Aakifah was with his two brothers, Igbo and Ayoola were out one night and decided they where going gonna nick some mp3 players, they grabbed once each and subtly walked to the exit before being confronted with a security guard, the three began to run however Igbo was grabbed by the guard. Aakifah and Ayoola got out of the store. But went straight to the bus stop to wait to go home. The two got home and worried about their brother, the next morning an officer dropped of their brother bruised at the step and told his mother he was caught fighting. Igbo said nothing and neither did his brothers The same night Igbo told his brothers the officers that arrested him at the shop kicked him while he was in the back of the car. Whenever police drove down their street they watched them, always thinking they were helping, making sure they would never hurt another African again. Father's murder: 2001, November His father was at a gas station filling up his car wearing his Taqiyah, he was approached by a man and was shot by him 6 times. The man that shot him was never found, it was even suspected the man was a police officer. This started the three brothers to adopt their father's more radical look on Islam. Igbo even started to feel like the September attacks were completely justified From wannabe Gangsta to Terrorist: 2002 - 2005 Aakifah and Igbo had started to plan their return to their homeland after their fall out with their mother, they were kicked out of the house when she found handguns and knives hidden under their beds. The two were living with another radical Islamist that was teaching them about a group called Boko Haram and a man called Mohammed Yusuf. The Boko Haram recruiter sorted them out with everything they needed to get back to Nigeria and by 2005 they were on a plane to get back home, trained and educated with everything they needed to know. 2005 - 2011 Aakifah trained in guerrilla tactics and participated in the Boko Haram uprising in 2009 and fought bravely for Allah. After the uprising, Aakifah was made the leader of the hastily made up practically useless group that were supposed to intercept American and British communications. Most the time he had fights with other men, usually prisoners which is how he got a scare between his eyes, a machete fight that ended too late. nevertheless, he made a name for himself and somehow found himself meeting an Al Qaeda member. International Terrorism: 2011-2014 Aakifah moved back to America in early 2011 and set out to help coordinate attacks by Al Qaeda and Boko Haram on an international scale, he was always in-touch with Igbo and the Boko Haram but started to play a much major role in attacks in Russia and Takistan to support Chechnya and the Takistani people, but mainly because he earned a lot more money. 2014-2015 After a failed attack on the capital of Takmyr in Takistan, Aakifah moved to Chernarus to be closer to his operations. However, In early 2015 operations by NATO caused Aakifah to lose contact with people in Takistan and his brother in Nigeria. He tried for months to contact people through the internet but because of his remote location, he had no luck. He also fared leaving the country as he had no clue what kind of information the westerners had gotten during their arrests Life in Chernarus: 2015 - 2017 Aakifah lived in a house in the woods south west of Belozersk, living off wildlife, a small garden and the river down the bank. He occasionally talked to an old couple who lived in a house not too far from him and was invited to one of their birthdays, he was exposed to the Chernarus cultured and felt like it was the first time he was accepted by westerners. He got to know the couples kids and spent time in town at the pub with them. However a group of guys never quite liked him but some people stood up for him, either doing it because they were drunk or because of they actually like Aakifah he never really knew. He started to accept the culture and its people but constantly lived with harassment from racists. But he made some friends and it somewhat changed his perspective, he could never lose his radical ideas but he wanted to change them... 2017, August When news of a virus reached Aakifah all he did was pray and guard his door.
  9. homel3ss KB

    The Highwaymen [Recruiting active U.S timezones prioritized]

    looks dope, hope it goes well aye
  10. Taras Stepanov grew up in the city of Poltava, his Mother was from Ukraine and his Father from Chernarus. His Father worked in a factory where he suffered serious injuries and received little to no compensation from the government. These injuries would also lead to his death when Stepanov was only six. Roughly after he died Stepanov moved to Kiev with his mother, where he was always surrounded by primarily, anti-communist sentiment from his mother's family. His family would tell him about how his father was killed by communism and Russians and all who follow their ideas. Among other things, his family would change the bad guys in fairy tales to simply a communist or a Russian. His Anti-Russian sentiment grew even more in 2004, prior to and during the Orange Revolution, where his family and friends would talk about how the Russians wanted to re-integrate Ukraine into Russia, secretly and without the people's knowledge and enslave them. He joined the Ukrainian Army in 2010 when he was 21. He originally planned to become a police officer but his mind was changed when the “Chedaki” tore up the North West part of his father's homeland in 2009. He refused to let Russians or especially communists take over his beloved country and he would only be able to do that in the Army. However, he became friends with two Russians in his brigade. Unfortunately his new views on Russians were changed, in 2014 Russia annexed Crimea and only a few days after the annexation Stepanov and a few of his friends agreed the officers were taking to long to make a decision about the Russians in their brigade so 12 soldiers gathered one night and kidnapped two of the seven Russians in their brigade. They killed one and seriously injured the other, unfortunately for the soldiers, one of the other soldiers involved reported it. Stepanov along with five others were instantly discharged from the army and where imprisoned. He spent three years in prison for assisting in the murder, he was only released under a special agreement that he must leave the country. He decided he would move to Chernarus and seek out his father's family but unfortunately arrived just prior to the outbreak.
  11. Kian Wilson: I had just gotten back from lunch and heard that we took someone hostage, I didn't move from where I logged in at because of my real low frames. After about two minutes I moved into the orange brick near Highschool in Novaya and I saw hostiles in the factory from the orange brick. I heard a person on a megaphone telling people around the compound to leave because it was an active war zone and then I heard a separate person with a Russian accent say something similar a few minutes later. Then 2 or 3 hostiles came up to me, I killed one and was killed by the other. I then logged out. I can't recall much of the comms or anything. Sorry
  12. *Presses down the fixed PTT* "Oosh boys.... youz worry to much aye" "I just think Ive found like a repellent for them grey skin muthafuckrz" "The test subjects don'ts need to volunteer, straight up I could give you someshit for someone, ammo or food, whatever... Iz just gots to get this done" *releases PTT*
  13. *Kian presses down the PTT breaking the static* "Hey, anyone out there?" *Kian pauses waiting for a response* "Iz been working on some stuff, just a little bit of this and that" "Iz been reading some books, I think they be telling me how to go bout this shit" "Im almost sure this shit can work..... anyway if there is anyone out there speak, Ima needz some help..." *Kian laughs under his breath* "I just need some test subjects is all, we be doing this for the people" *Kian releases the PTT and the static returns*
  14. Kian Wilson Kian Wilson arrived in Chernarus from New Zealand only a few months after the bloody civil war that gripped the nation, had ended. Kian and eight other men were originally there under contract to oversee the construction of infrastructure and housing. However, the workers the men where overseeing hated Kian and his colleagues some of the local workers even had better qualifications than Kian yet still only saw a morsel of his pay. He and one other of his colleagues attempted to learn the language and develop their knowledge on the culture and the people, unfortunately, they didn't want to talk to either of them. Neither did any of the Soldiers or the civilians in the villages. The only Chenerussians that would talk to the two men where Sergeants or Officers that lived in their compound and then they still didn't really like the men. But one day that changed three officers an nine workers were arrested by military police. The men were told that they were part of the group called Chedaki, the men jokingly said: "Lucky Kian was never alone with them". The next 8 years the eight men were in and out of the country working for the government in things like rail and even mining. One day the men were talking and drinking when they were interrupted by a Private who told them at gunpoint they had to leave, confused and afraid the men ran outside only to be greeted by trucks of Soldiers. One of the more calm officers explained that it was simply a "training exercise" but just couldn't tell the soldiers, however, he changed his mood instantly has he got on the radio with someone. The men hopped into the companies only vehicle and decided to go into town to finish drinking, however, civilians were leaving in packs and shops where closed the considered heading into Novograd to contact their superiors as they had left they're phones and only sat phone in the compound. But the traffic heading south was horrible so they pulled off and continued on a set of small roads. But they were stopped by a large group of men wearing balaclavas they where armed and didn't seem to happy to see them. They were ordered out and Kian well... he didn't stand around to find out what they wanted and he bolted it into a river bed and into a nearby forest. However he was still close enough to hear gunshots ring out, he could only assume the worst.
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