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  1. Army Ranger on loan to NATO as Nsocm (Nato Special Operations Combat Medic) Sgt Devon Morgan, a ptsd medic that was bitten while treating infected patients and found to not be showing characteristics similar to those who had been infected. since the fall of nationwide communications due to the loss of power he has decided to scout, scavenge, and find other military forces and see if there are any brethren around that would be able to analyze some blood samples you have taken from other soldiers and civilians. this character is from around Boston and was a city boy that had just graduated high school when he joined the us army and was found to be a good marksmen, since his family had gone hunting every year in Vermont, and climbed the ranks from there. He was deployed to the black sea while working on loan to NATO as a highly skilled combat medic and spec-ops operator having been deployed to the middle east multiple times he was familiar with the area before being sent to chernarus to assist the CDF forces when the outbreak occurred.
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