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  1. It worked not thanks!
  2. I have a problem, that i cant join the server with the new launcher. It just changes to a different character and i get kicked off the game. I have started it with the mods but it doesn't work. Anybody who has the same issue?
  3. The name is Jackson Berg, And i come from the south, and i used to live in Staroye. But ever since the zombies came i had to run away from my home town. I would describe Jackson as lonley guy that can sort out situations by his own hand, But is open to make friends and likes to help people out if needed. Jackson is a kind of guy that likes to make the best out of situations and likes to hunt as well make his own craftworks and likes to be creative. His favorit kind of weapon is automatic weapons, and snipers. Jackson is that type of guy that can be real serious about things and dont like when people throw shit at him. And those kind of situations he can get aggresive and it can end real bad sometimes. Like my old friend always said treat others that you want to be treated. Jacksons type of food i grilled dear as well as chicken. And likes to make his own food with what he can find. Jacksons try to find new people to hike and hunt with on the radio or he is looking in the towns for new people.
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