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  1. Wanna go on a double date? 

    For old times sake? I'm still a juicer in training, after all.

  2. Just tryna get the juicer role man.

    1. Panda


      Animated GIF

  3. I sadly have no video evidence. My POV: So, we had the event down at Zeleno. All of a sudden, we get word that some hostages are being taken at GM. We all make our way up there, I sadly got my first crash approaching the mountain so I was little late to the party, though I made it in time for the initiation. So, the gunfight goes down, the guys we were fighting being massively outnumbered. Though, sadly both parties fell victim to multiple crashes including myself several times. I stayed for the entirety of the fight until it was just @TurkRP and @RP. It was possibly the worst experience I've had on the server being a new member, as we were literally waiting at the bottom of the tower for around an hour and a half. Thankfully RP comes down(which was a shine of hope in this dire situation), and complies sensibly. Who was handled by some of my bratris. So, with Turk still refusing to come down, the only option is to try to come up with a way of him to come down and we threaten to execute RP if he doesn't come down, giving ample time for this to occur. Two minutes pass and nothing. Only for once we execute him, Turk says something along the lines of "Sorry, I didn't hear anything you said." comically. So, the waiting game ensues being around 20 v 1. At this point everyone is getting rather bored and idle chatter begins, Turk and a member from another group going back and forth with insults. Then, Turk pops out from the tower and shoots at someone to which I hide behind a barrack and get a shot on him and kill him. I head back down to Zeleno.
  4. Voh


    Well, well, well. Two groups later and I still haven't found a wife. Damn.
  5. Me tucking in to food from my bratři after starving for the past hour.

    Winnie The Pooh Reaction GIF

    1. Panda


      You have got to be the unluckiest person I have ever met in this game lmao

    2. Voh


      I get taken out first, cause they instantly recognise my fragging ability.

  6. Dobrý den.

  7. Nothing hurts more than one of your own boys shooting a gas pump and killing you. Damn.
  8. Echo

    that clean ass avatar tho 

    1. Voh


      i been learning bro ?

  9. As if I didn't check over my shoulder twenty times a minute at night already.
  10. Born into a normal family. Kazimir was a good child, following in his fathers footsteps in everything he did. His father was who Kazimir looked up to the most, took and learned everything from. His father's first love was Chernarus. His son's would be no different. A normal upbringing was what Kazimir recieved, his family slightly stricken by poverty though they made do with what they had. Kaz's father rambled on each and every day of the on-coming effects of the tensions from the Chernarussian movement of the Red Star. As Kazimir grew older, he found his father and brother going off to fight in the civil war, with himself being too young to join. Though he longed to upheld his fathers views and ideals. His father returned a broken man, without Kazimir's two brothers, who sadly died fighting. A month later Kazimir's father would commit suicide unable to come to grips with the fact that they had lost. Kazimir lived to avenge his father. To save his people. His home. He joined up with some like-minded individuals in the woods, around the time of the outbreak. It was time.
  11. Voh


    Let's gooooo. Slava Chernarus.
  13. Don't sleep on my peek and empty the entire mag down the stairwell.
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