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  1. tutorial on how to accent pls? thanks.

  2. As someone who never got to play mod, I'd love to give it a shot, along with everyone else hopefully. Could be some good fun, along with the fact that the SA server is almost maxing out everyday I presume the community is growing a lot more recently? Perhaps it's worth a shot now?
  3. Being from Birmingham, one day I will make a Peaky Blinders group. One day...

    1. JackZRP



  4. Grishino is crazy. Everything from a thirteen year old on a roof to a dude getting jumped in the street. Love it.

    1. Mademoiselle



  5. Good read and insight for a new member like myself from someone a lot more experienced. Good stuff.
  6. The premier league is very much boring for me, same few teams every year. (Excluding when Leicester won the league, which was very fun to watch.) West Brom were with luck finishing mid table, every season and was the same old. To drop down a league into the championship has been the best thing to happen to this club, it's competitive football with goals galore. We have scored 32 goals in 14 games, how is that not entertaining. I may be the only person to say it in the league, but I hope we stay down because this type of football is so entertaining to watch.
  7. West Bromwich Albion! My local team. Didn't do so well last night...
  8. (misread, lemme go back to work on what you actually asked for ._.)
  9. Could've sworn I was wandering around there yesterday. Perhaps we may cross paths! Nice stuff though pal.
  10. Friends? Friends...

    1. Chewy



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