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  1. it was my video as i told the guys i heard that they told us to put the hands up i didnt want to report because in my sense it was not breaking any rules we didn't put our hands up
  2. yes i had a cooking pot yes i was holding one and i did hit him once yes
  3. Alexander Karlsson's POV: Woke up in the police house of grishino got too know the night before there was a man who was called matt who i belive killed someone ? tell me if im wrong well he was wanted for something. Starts going to the centre where there used to be a trading outpost, Right next to it there's peopole fighting placing bets etc the guy called matt was winning over everyone but when they got knocked he was still punching some of them not me that fighed him atleast of what i know. and yes alexander did hit him with a cooking pot but not the final killing blow and someone also shot him
  4. mixen

    ATC Camp

    Don't mind ous cooking some pork steaks - from 24th october
  5. Alexander Karlsson grew up in Örebro located in Sweden. he had a great family they were kind of a ovecrlass family and they lived in a house almost in central of his city. Alexander's father was a Surgeon and his mom was a real estage agent. But Alexander didn't really want to follow their footsteps, He always wanted to be in the police force as a young child so when he turned 18 he started working as a safeguard for a nightclub for 1 year but he quickly got bored at it , then he went to police academy and studied his way up to be a police for 16 months. After working as a cop for around 14 months he felt like he wanted to join the swedish special forces ''Piketen'' so he sent a application. Alexander then joined Piketen 2013 and work mostly with anti-terrorist operations. He Got better and better at it and got some medals for his works, Alex continued working til when he moved to staroy to meet his uncle That live there, Who got a uncurable cancer sickness and only had 8 weeks to live , Then the outbreak occured and Alex has been in chernarus ever since.
  6. D Yeah But now My caracter is kinda scared sorry for mixing up the Words with chernarus and that stuff Im kinda New with the dayz part in rp Im More used to arma and gta rp
  7. Really fun as i Got taken hostage by some locals But they didnt execute me But now i Got a task to do ? Haha yeah
  8. The names Billy Billie -Rae Jackson Billie-rae comes from the south he used to live in staroye but was born in örebro sweden and moved to staroye when he was at young age. when the zombies came he had to move he has been on a move ever since Billie is kind of a lonewolf but hes totally open for friends and hike buddies. Billie does love hunting animals and but hates guns exept snipers and pistols thoes fully automatics is just stupid craftswork. billie hopes some days to meet a loving wife and live safely for ever future. billie rae can go crazy sometimes so do not push his buttons for your own safety he will not hurt you physically but mentally. billie is a really hardcore hike guy he likes making makeshift stuff just so he can rant about it later on for the peopole he meets. Billie sometimes just to find friends he will use the big city radios and try to find friends. billies favorite meat is deer meat it's just something special with it. Billie had a bad situation growing up his dad usually beated him for no reason. But later his dad crashed in a post and died . his mom left him at early age.
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