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  1. Nah at least you guys don't have a furry ass picture
  2. Me and @Turk-chan have been taken prisoner but remember boys... The blood of your waifus cleanses the path of the righteous
  3. POV: We run up to two people in the field between Vybor and VMC one of the boys calls out that one of them have a wolfpack armband on. Wolfpack drop the yeet on them and take them to the piano house in Vybor. I tell both of the hostages to drop there gun backpack radio and vests and belt then. We take them up the stairs in the Piano house where i tie up the OP to search him to make sure he isn't hiding anything. Bands and some other Wolfpack guy take over the RP while i chill in the corner.
  4. @Hofer https://streamable.com/lyeqp
  5. It will take me legit two days to upload it my upload speed is horrible
  6. POV: I ran up to near Toponiki to grab guns off the boys where i run up to the barn and get the yeet dropped on me by the OP and his friend i run into the barn and comply where @Turk-chan peaks round the corner and starts to shoot. While he does this the OP's friend kills me while i was complying. I have a video of this but Scottish internet is horrible so i will post a gif at the end. I will also add on this clip the OP goes OOC in VOIP: May i also add when in the help desk the OP said "Its this HD Dragon kid again i am definitely reporting now" Gif of them killing me when complying: https://gyazo.com/39ec87849eb0f3290a7c9d0395773dd8
  7. Name: @SassyRP Reason why: Hahaha yeah me too you know what i mean YES?
  8. POV: Our boys were in the admin building on Prison island having a fight i swim over and see two i start shooting at them get ghost bullets and reload and start to light them up again then get shot in the back.
  9. We take the OP hostage and start walking down to the CP while walking down we tell him not to trash talk he starts talking shit on the way down to the checkpoint while we are giving him a lot of warnings not to when we get to the checkpoint he is still talking shit so G19 gasses him.
  10. Thanks Saunders i can't wait to roleplay some more
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