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  1. Good roleplay bro! Can't wait to see you in game.
  2. Sassy Sagdiev's birth was unremarkable. His father, a miner, and his mother, a schoolteacher, gave birth to Sassy on April 5th, 1993. By all accounts, Sassy was not meant for a life of cold blooded work. He was destined to be, by his father's account, a miner, just as he was. As a kid he was pushed around and bullied by a group of travelling gypsies that were pitched up near his house. They picked on him a lot which enraged Sassy but he couldn't do anything as he was too outnumbered. He worked hard to save up his money, buying and illegal gun, he stashed it away. Waiting for an opportune moment to strike, Sassy plotted. In the middle of the night we awoke, took his rifle and headed out. No one knows how many he killed that night, but it was a slaughter. He trained, hard and became proficient with firearms and hand-to-hand combat with a high level of fitness and stamina. This group of gypsies that he was tracking traveled around a lot and were also into the illegal arms trade. This group had ended up in a region inside of Chernarus called "South Zagoria" which was quite remote with a lot of open land. Sassy liked the sound of this and was smuggled into the country illegally before getting setup with a few firearms. His hunt for this specific group of gypsies began but was swiftly interrupted by the outbreak of the virus in the province. He put the hunting mission aside whilst looking for a few associates to help him survive.
  3. SassyRP

    S1 - BadRP - Possible Metagaming- 2019-04-02

    "To begin with, my character is a racist. What I explain below was said IC and, in my eyes, bearing in mind my characters racism and ignorance, completely in context. Jackfish is taken to the construction site where he is isolated and RP'd with by @Dustup and someone else (not sure who it was) from what i understand and then is brought downstairs to where the doctor and @OxeN were. I see him standing away from them and I tell him something along the lines of "Go and sit next to your sand n word of a friend" he then says to me "shut your ff" and cuts out so i start hitting him and say "nigga keep chatting shit" he then RP's out being injured and goes next to his friends. I then explain to one of my group (I can't remember who) that @OxeNis a terrorist and @Jackfish is a terrorist bodyguard. A zombie then runs in and causes a quick distraction which is taken care of with some accidental friendly fire and we resume talking to the hostages. I then tell my group that I can assist and while I am doing this one of the hostages is talking over me so I say something along the lines of "shut up you Paki" as the character the person i said it to is a middle eastern character i then ask @OxeN where in takistan he is from and after not knowing where that is I say to @OxeN something along the lines of "where is that nigga?" after we figure out some geography I say that he is probably a terrorist given the area he says then after some more talking from @OxeN I say that I sense some bullshit, some more conversation is had, @Dew comes back and I think @Jackfish asks for something to drink and the RP continues. Bear in mind that this "excessive use of slurs" was over about a 5 minute period. one or two others may have used the term "sand-n word" over this period but again this was once or twice from memory and then one of our group is overheard by another of our members using the term "n word" and thinks it is directed to him so a fistfight starts between them as he is black IC. As for the meta gaming accusations this is false and I think you know you are grasping at straws at this point, even @Mademoiselle (who was not with us) confirmed in her POV that you guys told her we were following you. We got told IC over the radio about @Dewrunning after people, the IC info we got eventually is that you headed towards novaya and/or bash but in the trees, but we had 1 or two at bash that confirmed you never made it there (but there were 2 others there). some of the group goes down to tents to check and then we run back up and regroup at Bash before trying to figure out where you may have gone since it hasn't been that long since our guys briefly lost eyes on you and head out to get water for some of the group and to check areas along highway. As proof of this, @Dustup had gone the further east east to see if you had changed directions and gone that way, and during our patrol we get word that someone wearing the same thing as who @Dew had described was sighted at topolniki. Because of @Dustup having gone in a more eastern direction I believe he was the last to arrive and I see that he is actually the "sketchy guy" at the well in @Mademoiselle 's video, which was after we had let her go. @Dustup was with us at the airfield and Bash so if we were meta gaming why would he have gone so far east that after getting the info about Topolniki, he passed @Mademoiselle on the way to us AFTER we let her go?
  4. @BorisRP @G19RP good roleplay today mans
  5. POV: We were waiting in line to get into the trading thing and i was talking to @JackZRP and after a while of sitting in line Jack gets tapped from there i hear in my comms that it was someone wearing full black who was on top of the kiosk and jumped off i ran round the corner and seen the person who was called out and gassed him as i thought it was the person who shot. Someone gave us a positive ID that it was him and i just shot him but it turns out that you were not the correct person i am sorry about this.
  6. It was only @BobbySullivanand @Dusty that were alive when i shot @Tysdal i believe
  7. POV: We just got done with some hostage and starting to leave on the way to VMC we were going to pass through GM and met someone on the way up there we ran into a guy that we were going to rob and ended up initiating on him but in the end we didn't take anything off him expect his M4 suppressor after that we were passing through GM to get to VMC and heard someone on a megaphone we went up to the front gate and tried to talk to the man with the megaphone then out of no where we start getting lit up without anything being said some of us die i kill one of the people shooting at us and then continue fighting
  8. Also we were fighting the full time i believe the fight was stale i can admit that but theres no way you didn't hear any shots in a hour the only breaks in between shots were 15-20 minutes at the max no longer than that can i see if any more logs can be pulled i don't know if it will help my case as we were fighting the full time also after you got shot at and knocked out the first time i think i killed the guys friend who was shooting at you as i believe the shots were meant to be at me i guess and after i killed his friend i tried to chase him down which took a while at its self say 10 minutes so it was more than enough time for you to get out of there. 3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead. As you see in that rule that you shouldn't of ran into a active fight when you know there was shots going off because theres no way you didn't hear shots if you were just down the road
  9. POV: We were fighting up at GM when i seen a random come up i told him to leave because we were in a fight later on in the fight i seen the same guy this time with a M4 which he looted off one of the dead people that we killed i ran up to him and confronted him about the looting of the dead bodies and shot him because of it as from what i have been told you can shoot people that are looting dead bodies in a active firefight and you should of ran away tbh after you got shot at the first time. Also you NVFL'd as you knew it was a active firefight and you came back to the firefight with a looted M4 of a dead body so its not my fault that you wanted to run into a active firefight and start looting dead bodies.
  10. SassyRP

    S1 - BadRP, Invalid Kill, 2019-01-28, 23:00

    From what i have been told you were taken on the grounds of the car i wasn't really involved with anything other than the beating part
  11. SassyRP

    S1 - BadRP, Invalid Kill, 2019-01-28, 23:00

    I don't remember much from this situation but i am pretty sure we had some new moon hostage and we took them into the middle of the street and beat them to show off to the rest of Kab then some Russian guy came up and gassed all of them.
  12. I tried to but the FFL guys wouldn't let me in so i tried to shout it through the window at the back
  13. We had a dispute about the cease fire shit if you have a video or anyone has a video of the meeting you can hear me shouting to @Eagle saying don't sign shit as we didn't want to do anything without @YungBrandonRP approving it but he couldn't be at the meeting as he was banned i have no idea why Eagle signed it cause we told him not to.
  14. The reason why we didn't keep on shooting you guys is because the only other Green Dragons that were there were on flashing red hunger so we decided just to leave it and go get them food instead of fighting.
  15. In the meeting we were talking and all the usual shit and i called Moody a pedo cause you know its a thing i have been calling him since i was in The House. After i called him a pedo the first time he said he was gonna shoot me if i said it again and after he stormed off out the meeting and came back we started talking again and he brought up something up The House and Kamanechi which IC would trigger me as i was part of the house and i was at war with Kmanechi so i called him a pedo again thats when he got up in my face and said he was gonna shoot me if i said it again so after the meeting was over we seen all of the Saviors leave and i seen a couple blue armbands and tbh i had about 20 people in my ear saying i had rights to shoot them and to shoot them so i did. Was probably my bad for shooting but i thought Puncture was a Savior as he had a blue armband on and i logged 28 minutes after it as my timer was wrong my bad. Edit: Just to show that Puncture was wearing a blue armband so there was no way i would know if he was a savior or not. https://gyazo.com/1be228197ec437bd33587dc97221c8f1
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