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  1. Sassy

    S1 - BadRP, Invalid Kill, 2019-01-28, 23:00

    From what i have been told you were taken on the grounds of the car i wasn't really involved with anything other than the beating part
  2. Sassy

    S1 - BadRP, Invalid Kill, 2019-01-28, 23:00

    I don't remember much from this situation but i am pretty sure we had some new moon hostage and we took them into the middle of the street and beat them to show off to the rest of Kab then some Russian guy came up and gassed all of them.
  3. I tried to but the FFL guys wouldn't let me in so i tried to shout it through the window at the back
  4. We had a dispute about the cease fire shit if you have a video or anyone has a video of the meeting you can hear me shouting to @Eagle saying don't sign shit as we didn't want to do anything without @YungBrandonRP approving it but he couldn't be at the meeting as he was banned i have no idea why Eagle signed it cause we told him not to.
  5. The reason why we didn't keep on shooting you guys is because the only other Green Dragons that were there were on flashing red hunger so we decided just to leave it and go get them food instead of fighting.
  6. In the meeting we were talking and all the usual shit and i called Moody a pedo cause you know its a thing i have been calling him since i was in The House. After i called him a pedo the first time he said he was gonna shoot me if i said it again and after he stormed off out the meeting and came back we started talking again and he brought up something up The House and Kamanechi which IC would trigger me as i was part of the house and i was at war with Kmanechi so i called him a pedo again thats when he got up in my face and said he was gonna shoot me if i said it again so after the meeting was over we seen all of the Saviors leave and i seen a couple blue armbands and tbh i had about 20 people in my ear saying i had rights to shoot them and to shoot them so i did. Was probably my bad for shooting but i thought Puncture was a Savior as he had a blue armband on and i logged 28 minutes after it as my timer was wrong my bad. Edit: Just to show that Puncture was wearing a blue armband so there was no way i would know if he was a savior or not. https://gyazo.com/1be228197ec437bd33587dc97221c8f1
  7. Sassy

    S1 Kabanino KOS

  8. Sassy

    S1 Kabanino KOS

    He hot miced on the radio when you guys initiated on him
  9. Sassy

    S1 Kabanino KOS

    You should of listened to your discord/teamspeak cause we heard brandon saying okay i am putting my hands up so thats the reason why i gassed you.
  10. Sassy

    S1 Kabanino KOS

    Pov: All the Saviors and new moon were in kab and Brandon was talking to them next thing i know Saviors and New moon tell Brandon to put his hands up and i realized @PonyBoy was a Savior so i gassed him
  11. POV: We were fighting in Stary at the church just waiting for people to peek so we can get some shots the usual church fighting as it is aids to push after a while it got to a point where we couldn't be fucked sitting around for much longer so we got some boys together and were going to push as we were getting ready the server crashed all the people who were gonna push already got in the server so we thought that all the new moon guys must of been in by then. Theres no way we could of known that they are not in if we all got in fast so we went with the original idea and pushed in not knowing that no one was in the church The first one who logged in shot one of our boys so we shot him and then another logged in so we had to shoot him as well. After sitting in the church for a bit nothing was happening so we got some of our guys guns that were on the bodies of the people that @KermitSmith then someone called out that there was a guy by the clinic so i pushed up on him he killed Kermit then i killed him. Also a little thing i would like to add:
  12. Sassy

    S1: NVFL/Bad RP/NLR Kabanino - 21/01/2019 23:30

    POV: I don't remember much about this situation as i left very shortly after as you can see from the connection logs. From what i can remember someone had @xSaBre hostage or some shit and we were all there and then while the district was dealing with the hostage i was chilling with the boys (Green Dragons) It got to a point where people starting beating him up so i just swung a few punches not even thinking about it. Shortly after that i had to leave for a IRL emergency @Zanaan PM if you want more info not about to post my IRL shit on the forums i am sorry for logging but it is one of these things i couldn't really help and due to the IRL emergency i had to leave the house.
  13. Sassy

    Rest In Peace DatTurtle

  14. Sassy

    S1. BadRP/RDM/KOS Kab (Server time 02:20)

    POV: I heard we were fighting in Kab so i went towards Kab from NWAF and started shooting Saviors and got tk'd @Stannis Frick you idiot head
  15. My POV: We went up to Novaya to see what was going on and shit start going down with someone and @Cipher . This ended up with Cipher being taken hostage and we started to fight during the fighting someone in my group said on multiple occasions that all people not involved with the shooting have to leave town or they will be shot. During the fighting i was on the large tin building across from the Saviors base when i seen a man running towards my building with a gun out i asked if it was any of us on TS and no one replied so i shot the person which i believed to be was another enemy trying to fuck us from behind now looking at it i think it might of been @kennykgaming Sorry for shooting you and i know the timing of you logging in was shitty as you logged in next to a gun fight but if you didn't hear the initiation because you just logged in you would think that the hundreds of shots coming for a small compound would be something to avoid. The rest of my kills were on Saviors and people we were initiated on.
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