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  1. Server and location: This all occurred on server 1 and was located at the Airplane building that's within the city of Chernogorsk. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Around 5 pm on the 30th of May 2019. Your in-game name: Tyreese Firefly Names of allies involved: @turtledudebob44 @YAKMOUTH @Jake Name of suspect/s: The player who shot me wearing Purple clothing in Chip's clip below was named @Purp but that was the name he used IN-GAME. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): A red Golf that The Members of The House were using Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Footage from Chip's stream: @YAKMOUTH Possible footage from Nate's stream: @turtledudebob44 A detailed description of the events: Last night I was at Chip's base as I was on Guard duty and during the construction of the walls we were encountered by a red car (Golf) and once sighted I noticed all 4 of those people that were in the car had Orange Armbands on so I was quick to broadcast on our radio channel that the people in the car are THE HOUSE. Once broadcasted they got to the front of Chip's Trader took off their armbands are got out of the car and split in different directions. After about 5 minutes of trying to locate the MEMBERS of the HOUSE, shots start flying at the front tents of Chip's trader and I got my rifle out and what do I see when I scope-in on the shooter....... A guy with an ORANGE ARMBAND shooting at a bunch of Players who were trading, once I scoped in and I noticed the shooter I was shot by someone which still till now I have no idea who it was but once shot I had to fall back and bandage. When I started bandaging I knew that they would call out where I went, once I stopped my bleeding I pulled out my AK and out of nowhere it NO DEC OR ANY WORDS SAID a guy with an ORANGE ARMBAND starts unloading on my which met my death.
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  3. I haven't played on DayZRP in some time and each time I put in the password for the server I remember it states it to be incorrect, could I please get some help ASAP. Thank you!
  4. As Tyreese's career began with him starting out at a local marine wildlife centre in Southern-Brisbane, he gained a large amount of enjoyment out of working with the marine life he had been with throughout his first 2 years of service on-board the Natural Marine Rehabilitation Unit "NMRU" for sort. Tyreese had been blown away with the countless new species of marine life he had encountered throughout his career, his passion for exceeding the known and unknown paid quite the tall upon him making Tyreese believe that there is more to our ocean than just what we know since the day he set out building his own career in early 2017. As his career led to the study of new marine wildlife began within the Moreton Bay area with his research lasting for just over a year, he then began to expand his study Globally. Around the world, the ocean and its inhabitants face a daily battle with trash, from tangled fishing line to bottles and plastic. When this deadly debris meets with marine life it traps, entangles and injures them, or is even mistaken for a tasty snack. This leads to prolonged suffering and, all-too-often, the creature’s eventual demise. Fortunately, there are also many cases where divers have intervened in order to rescue casualties, from swift line-cuts to full-blown rescue operations involving treatment, rehabilitation and release. Take a look back at these incredible success stories for five different ocean creatures, each rescued from the perils of discarded fishing line, hooks and ghost nets. If I ask you what diving into history makes you think about, a legitimate answer would be wreck diving. However, Italy, home of the ancient Roman Empire, can show you a new dimension about what it is like to go diving back in time with the Underwater Archaeological Park of Baia near Naples in Southern Italy. From Pozzuoli, 20 minutes east of Naples by train, scuba diving centres can take you to discover its submerged treasures. Scuba diving in Naples Bay is also the perfect excuse to explore this fabulous region of Italy, from Procida Island to Sorrento, full of historical treasures to explore and delicious specialities to taste (Did you know that Naples is the birthplace of the pizza?). Due to the eruption of the Vesuvius Volcano, Pompeii was buried in ashes, and Herculaneum swallowed by mud. However, it is a different seismic phenomenon that brought Baia underwater: bradyseism. Unlike earthquakes which move mostly horizontally, bradyseism makes the ground move upward or downward. This is how this ancient resort popular among the rich and famous of the Roman Empire plunged below the surface of the sea. According to recent surveys, the bradyseism phenomenon would now be reversed so the ruins could be on land again one day!
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