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  1. first thing first. we dident have orange armbands while you knocked me out we put them on after we killed you because we finally found a orange raincoat
  2. i am alek jakobski. I was building my base in stary sobor while my friend connor marlow was gathering items like nails and cleaning kits, when i went back to the apple trees beside the church. i was killed while chopping down some trees for the wooden fence. he diden't say anything in voice chat or anything. like an hour before i was killed. me and connor spotted a person by the stary millitary while we were carrying tents and weapons from the millitary area. we told him to leave because we were looting it and gathering "our" stuff. the person we spotted starting attacking me and knocked me uncon, smiley killed the person and treated me. we disposed the body and went to work, if this is the reason for the kill it aslo metagaming because the "dead" person coulden't contact his friends
  3. i dont really know what hws name is i think it is paddy something. im sorry i dident ignore you i was just writing that first sorry irishmanpaddy i think
  4. Myself and two other players I was with ran into a girl and a man outside the "big red" house in Stary just before the pond on the Kabanino side of the town. We talked to them briefly outside the house and asked them to follow us inside as it was raining and hard to hear them outside with the noise. We went into the big red house and closed the door. When we got up the stairs we raised our weapons and held them at gun point saying "drop all your clothes on the ground now and any weapons that you have". The male player agreed to our commands and took everything he had off of him while the girl would not listen. We told her multiple times to take off her clothes and if she wouldnt that we would shoot her. She failed to meet our requests multiple times so I followed through and shot her. Is this not allowed? I thought that in the rules you are meant to act realistic, almost like you would if you were being held at gunpoint / robbed in real life. I cant see how if her friend agreed to our demands and was threatened equally that she would deny the demands and not expect a different outcome???
  5. why will i get banned for rping correctly
  6. she was the one who rping badly. you are meant to act as you would in real life and you cannot say that irl she would not do as we said if we held her at gun point like that. and we stated tjat if she doesent do as we say she will die and that is what happend not my fault. its hers
  7. i was born i russia and my dad was working at a local bar and my mother was a cook. She was always nice to me and help me with homework, always cleaned my room and cooked the best food i ever eaten. but when i was 14 she died of cancer. My dad started to drink alot and was gambling away all he's money even hes own bar. but when i turned 16 he went to jail for shooting another man in a local bar. so i had to live on my own. when i turned 17 i quit school and tried to find a job instead. i coulden't find a job so i started with criminal activites instead like selling drugs and weapons. one day i was going to sell 50 grams of weed to a guy but he dident pay me so i stabbed im twice in the stomach so i got arrested the day after. I went to jail for 4 years. after 4 years went i got realest from prison the maffia was after me for killing one of there members. so i lived in the forest for a long time. when 1 years had passed the zombie apocolyps broke out. bomb was dropping, people killing eachother.
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