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  1. From previous experience, i can say that this 'problem' of wanting RP rather then pvp will never go away. It can get enforced by some rule, but overall will never go away. Personally im all for pvp and rp equally together, however some people only want to RP around fireplaces and complain if there is hostility. You can't please everyone.
  2. Dottastic

    La Famiglia Massaro - The Story of Enzo Massaro

    wow long ready wow very nice 10.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-possible-griefing-namalsk-after-22-restart-12-12-2014 Why the verdict is not fair: it was Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: we drove around, we saw a vodnik in the middle of no where, so me oldman and kevin decided to blow that fucker to the skys cause fuck that vehicle, and it was also acting suspicious around our base. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: to get banned.. hmm What could you have done better?: probably just should have been afk so i wouldn't blow that optruck up. Generally speaking, i shouldnt have blown it up. BTW, before u start grilling me, i didnt give a full response to the reports or ban appeals untill now because i worked all weekend, then when i got home i relaxed and drank some beers, i really couldn't be asked to respond earlier. I was not involved in the other report at all, however i will make an appeal later this week, when i get some free time. Pls i ask of you to make my ban quick and painless. Sincerely, The god of the Universe
  4. Didn't know he was wise i just thought he was old and smelly
  5. Since i am in SDS you may thing my opinion is a little bit biased because i know Nykke very well. He is a bit over the top sometimes, the post should not have gotten him perm'd, although this is not the first time something like this happened. I got perm'd straight away for a sarcastic pm, altho i got a second chance. Me and Nykke are not the only ones. This community is so strict, its like you have a knife to your throat when you post, and if its sarcastic/ any bit of direspect/flaming you will get cut. (just my honest opinion) Every time a thread goes a little bit over the top, it gets closed, completely destroying a good debate, that if you wanted to talk about again you would be banned. Anytime someone posts something funny/little bit over PG13, some staff have to interrupt and threaten with warning points. Although i love Nykke, and will continue to talk to him, he knew that this would get him banned, for sure. He knows it takes very little to get warning points, deheb knows alot about that . He will not get unbanned, Staff are strict as fuck, and dont listen to their own community about things like this.
  6. Ah yes the classical pointing a RPG on someones head from 1m
  7. A third war is bound to happen eventually. So many conflicts right now going on in the world.
  8. Honestly in my opinion ISIS only made that video to try to make america look bad, bombing innocent people, and their own and whatnot. So in retaliation ISIS is beheading americans, releasing video for the whole world to show this is what happens when you threaten us? Regardless if america would use airstrikes, they would do the same thing they are doing. This whole "blame america, we are doing this because of america" is complete bullshit, they are just using this to try to get america to look bad in the crossfire. I didn't do that much research however, America does not negotiate with terrorists as far as i know, so why would ISIS post the video? Of course america will get mad, and do more airstrikes, like what they are doing right now. To me it seems stupid to actually make that video, cause America will just want revenge, "We will be vigilant and we will be relentless,’ Obama says in wake of American journalist’s murder" "Since the video was released Tuesday, the U.S. military has pressed ahead by conducting nearly a dozen airstrikes on Islamic State targets in Iraq. And on Wednesday, U.S. officials said military planners were considering the possibility of sending a small number of additional troops to Iraq"
  9. Dottastic


    just drink irl i swear good things happen
  10. This is kinda how it works with bandit clans OOC hate: clan A kills clan B in many fights. Clan B shows OOC hate towards them.(reports, stupid posts, borderline flaming/trolling) Clan A responds in OOC hate, because they are shown OOC hate. (they get frustrated at the OOC hate they receive) Thus starting a war that results in many warning points and bans OOC hate will NEVER GO away unless rolle decides to implement a new rule saying your not allowed commit ANY hostile actions against others.
  11. Ive been watching for 39:09 seconds and i havnt seen anything hidden, maybe i missed it, i have to watch it from start ffs.
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