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  1. Grew up in Livonia. Father was the mayor of Topolin, Livonia. Planning to run for mayor to take his place. I never got married or had children. Lived a live surrounded by powerful people. Had a rich family.
  2. Raised in Chernarus by humble farmers. Parents were murdered at fairly young age and left me to work the farm and to take care of siblings in their absents. When I became older and my siblings could handle themselves, I became a police officer in Chernogorsk to help those like my parents. I worked in the police force of several years and worked as a volunteer firefighter. I later got involved in a group called the Odezva comprised of former police, firfighters , and medical personnel. The group’s ideology is largely centered around the preservation of the Chernarussian land and to eliminate the cholera outbreak that has been brought to the region, even if it means by usage of deportation or extermination.
  3. Moved to Chenarus a few months before the outbreak. Had a small family consisting of a wife and a daughter. Lived in Berezino and worked as a construction worker. Worked at a near construction site. Wife and daughter were eaten when the outbreak began. Now I just roam alone, for the most part, just trying to survive and coup with the death of my family. Trying to keep to myself and stay out of others' way. I want to help people that may need it if I am safe while doing so. I am currently wandering the world of Chenarus.
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