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  1. Born and raised in Chernarus. Family were farmers and grew up working on it. Had two siblings, a brother and a sister. Father died at a young age and left me as the oldest to work the farm. We later moved into the City of Berezino were I became a firefighter. When the out break began I was putting out fires all over the city. I had no clue what was going on. During the chaos my family disappeared. Once I realized what was going on I rush home to find it was a wreck and that my family was gone. I searched all over for them then I heard a shot ripple of to the north in the woods. I ran for it to find a man crying. He believed they were the dead and was scared. I started sobbing and i suddenly filled with rage as I lost everything I lived for. I swung my red axe into the mans skull. His head split open. I was in fear of myself as I grabbed his weapon and ran off.
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