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  1. Raina Valentová was born in the city of Chernogorsk in Chernarus to a strict upper class family in 1995. Her father was always very cold even though he tried his best to show he cared for his family while her mother was much more affectionate, maybe a little bit too affectionate. She had three brothers, all of them quite older then her and as she was her parents only daughter they were very over protective of her and didn't send her to kindergarten or day care so all of her days were spent by her mothers side making her a very sheltered and isolated toddler. At five years old when with her family in the city center she met Štěpán Hájek, a boy two years older then her of lower class decent, she immediately grew fond of him. Her family however was not fond of her new found friendship but for the next five years she would frequently sneak out of school early to meet with him, on their adventures together he really tested her nervousness and helped her gain more confidence, confidence she much needed as when she reached the age of ten her parents sent her to live in the UK with family to attend school there as they had also done with her three older brothers. In the UK she would excel in school though she never gained much success socially as her shyness caught up with her due to being in a new country away from her family and her dear friend, though she gained a couple of good friends while there. She would write Štěpán letters almost daily and as she grew older she would no longer look at him as just her friend. She day dreamed of returning back to Chernarus to reunite with him. When she was fourteen she received her last letter from him which stated that he would be joining the NAPA militia. For the next two years she would continue to live her life in the UK, she would slowly become more social and even start a short lived romance but could never fully get Štěpán off her mind, she would write the occasional letter even though she knew they wouldn't reach him. When she reached the age of sixteen it was finally time for her to go back home. A couple of weeks before her departure she finally received a letter from him as he was no longer a part of the militia and they decided to see each other on the night of her return. When she arrived back in Chernarus the family home was filled with relatives to welcome her and her mother cooked her favorit child hood meals. After everyone had went to bed she snuck out and went to the woods north of the city to a spot her and Štěpán frequently visited as children, finally reuniting with her childhood love. Her family still strongly disapproved of him and she would be punished at home when ever they caught her sneaking out to meet him but much to their joy he was sent away on a mission to Takistan, their happiness was shortly lived though as he returned rather quickly. Raina started studying to become a doctor and soon enough the pair were living together, her parents never really grew to like their relationship but stopped trying to fight it. When they started living together she became very nurturing towards him as he suffered from PTSD. She was at home tending to her studies when everything started while Štěpán was away at work. Her first instinct was to board her self in their tiny apartment and hope for the best, when he finally returned home they packed their bags and headed north of the city. Through the year that has passed since the outbreak they kept to themselves in the wilderness, avoiding all contact with other survivors.
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