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  1. "New "tank" zombie - lots and lots of HP and hits like a tank, but very slow" I thought the regular zombies were already tanky enough. My glock shall remain useless for now.
  2. I have spent a lot of hours creating the entire soundboard for my character, developed a story, goals, friendships and enemies. I personally don't have an issue with creating new characters, however here's the deal. If I get executed or similar through RP, having the character done stuff that lead to their death then that would be a fitting way to end the character and make a new one. What I am not agreeing with, is ending an entire character story and everything they have done because of some out of game, forum nonsense. If the character didn't do anything wrong, (at least nothing too serious that would lead to their permanent death) then let them go on. If Livonia is dead because people wanna play Chernarus, let them. But don't make them stop using, or kill their character because -insert new forum rule/system here-
  3. One, I don't think the IRL "Crisis" we are all experiencing right now is really worth putting into this topic. This topic is something that affects the entire community regardless of what's going on IRL. I just see that the crisis is often being put in to defend something when I often don't really see why to be completely honest. However on the topic itself, I support the idea of having an cooldown on character transfers between the maps, I don't mind if it's a 7 day cooldown or a 1 month cooldown. However I do think a cooldown would be best. If I recall right, (correct me if I'm wrong) Roland did say that they were planning on introducing an cooldown system in the future. Why they then added the restriction before implementing the cooldown is something I don't get. If you're planning on introducing an cooldown system, wait until implementing the restriction before the cooldown system is in place. Instead of having all characters temporarily stuck somewhere. Agree with what @HuskyBB said. (Shocking, right)
  4. The art on this thread looks really nice, fits the NATO appearance. You also seem to have a fair amount of goals which is nice. Also makes me excited to meet the group in-game as my own character have had an NATO past themselves, perhaps something could come from that. Good luck!
  5. Of course you should return, the not so rainy country called Chernarus is finally popular again so you won't drown when taking a walk with your dear doggo.
  6. Wasn't it Anarchy or something like that, that made this? it's been there for quite some time however.
  7. KorhaBB

    Chatting with Friends

    Dallas with his boyz boyz boyz? What'cha up to?
  8. KorhaBB

    DMR Please

    Not gonna get into the entire permission discussion, but I would love more weapons, NATO ones especially added. +1 from me.
  9. I voted no, with similar reasons as @Camo mentioned. I have had moments where I have spent over two IRL hours inside a cabin with a friend taking shelter from the rain. To then suddenly have strangers come and ask if they could join us to wait out the rain. And it encouraged us to stick together and interact with each other, and as time progressed, the tensions increased as well as everyone was a bit iffy and didn't know if anyone would pull a gun or not. Definitely one of my favorite moments thus far.
  10. I kinda missed seeing Chernarussians around, good luck and curious to see how this will play out!
  11. Multiple of the biggest factions went back to Chernarus, majority that I've spoken to also seems to prefer the Chernarus map more and seems that the interest in Livonia have been falling quite a lot the past few weeks.
  12. Voted yes, however it's already added so... Suppose you got your wish!
  13. +1. Never had an issue with this personally, but I have had friends mention similar problems and I can only imagine the frustration.
  14. Don't see why not. 5kg is a bit too dramatic though, however I never actually seen anyone carry this before. Would be cool seeing it being used more.
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