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  1. Thank you so much for keeping notes in. Way better than to textRP a note for all to see
  2. Olivia Rose POV: I was recently held up by a guy in town before killing him then regrouped with Eagle, I was staying at the church observing the building as Martin and Eagle went ahead and initiated before the server crashed, then after we logged back in we never saw the people that got initiated on again.
  3. Korha

    Appeal on +20

    Same reason PewDiePie dressed up as a nazi, people have different humor. Only difference is I didn't mean to actually make it into a note as I explained.
  4. Korha

    Appeal on +20

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://prntscr.com/r6899g Why the verdict is not fair: I wrote a note to test it when I was alone with one other person, and I clicked ESC thinking it would cancel the whole thing but it turned it into an actual note and I didn't see any way to rewrite it so I tossed it behind some building by some trees, an pretty unlikely spot for someone to casually find a note if you ask me. So I believe that getting a whole 20 points for that one note that I didn't even show to anyone or other is pretty unfair. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: N/A What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I don't mind warning points, however as this is my very first rule break and to my knowledge it didn't affect any players then I believe that a verbal warning or a decreased amount of points is deserved rather than 20. What could you have done better?: I would have written something appropriate to the situation I and the nearby characters are in instead of a memey/nazi themed note. And figure out how it worked with an non offensive/memey line of text as I didn't know ESC would save it.
  5. When you come back to DayZRP but after 8 hours of walking, you only find a corpse.

    rip dying GIF

  6. Pepole? Okay then. But yeah as an Scandinavian, I've thought multiple times about having an viking like group. Just don't know how many would really want to join that.
  7. Me and @Husky. The goodest boy were around Berezhino in two cars when we get told on the frequency (discord) that there are suspicious people at the airfield and that tensions are high. We start driving towards the airfield when we are told over comms that our people have been initiated on by yellow armbands. We park close to Grishino before making our way to the airfield on foot and slowly sneaks around the outer fence before pushing the industrial area. Someone on comms says that there's one hostile by a car repair shed, and we push up closer to get a view, we then see someone with a white poncho and yellow armband dealing with zombies and has an M4A1 out before we take shots at him, he takes cover I believe and I move to deal with someone who pushes up towards a warehouse I and @Husky. were at, we trade a few hits on each other and I rush inside and to the second floor of the warehouse to bandage, then reload my weapon before I get shot and killed just as I finished reloading.
  8. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. And don't blow yourself up or your house with fireworks now.

  9. Husky remember your french baguette tomorrow.

    1. Husky.


      Håll käften

    2. Korha


      Noh U

  10. 🐺

    1. Husky.


      Is this some kinda secret message 🤔

    2. Korha


      Yes, how did you know?

  11. Before the outbreak Felix was born in Oslo Norway and had a sister named Olivia Rose. They spend the majority of their childhood together before interests separated them. Olivia went on to join the military meanwhile Felix studied to become a photographer. He was an calm and often distant person and spent most of his free time taking photograph's. It could be anything from nature, people, cars and most often animals. However as he got older and kept getting informed of the different conflicts around the world, he wanted to help anyway he could. While his sister was away in the army, he decided to work for the Red Cross. Doing aid runs and photographing the different conflicts around the world. The outbreak After hearing rumors of a new disease spreading in Chernarus, he was deployed in one of the Red Cross aid operations in the country. Providing the country with off-shore supplies for it's residents. However as they docked with their boat, after a few days had passed, multiple of the crew had suddenly turned. And with the military putting everything on lockdown, Felix ran in the chaos where he eventually fell away from everybody else and ended up alone in the apocalyptic world.
  12. Have funs.

    Watch ended.gif

    1. Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Isaiah Rinkasonn


    2. Korha


      I'll get right on that

  13. The RP interaction I spent hours walking around to find. Gracias for those 20 seconds, time to go search for others again. 😂 Could have at least RP'd catching the note. 

  14. Today's RP was pretty mediocre. First I went to get a weapons license, meaning I had to gather wood without any interaction at all for about half an hour. Then later I found two men in a town, they asked me how I was, then told me to fuck off right after.
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