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  1. and the other lad, "kyle" more or less avoiding rp with his mock accent and then when confronted about it just avoiding it, even after telling him i know who he is, not really a good RP experience like the rules state.
  2. Server and location: S1 - Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 30/10/2019 - 22:00 (roughly) Your in game name: Kirill Jares Names of allies involved: unsure of his name, but he was killed a few seconds before me Name of suspect/s: Kenneth and Kyle Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Red Gunter Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None available Detailed description of the events: Maybe an hour or two before this incident some people tried to open the doors to my car in Grishino I told them that if they got in i would kill them this then caused an argument with Neo the head of security in Grishino, which lead to me leaving and taking a man named Chris who is allied with Robbo to Vybor, we went there where there were some incidents which were resolved in game. However, Kenneth (one of the people who tried to get in my car) then turned up in town, i confronted him and then during our conversation he DC'd which although i find it hard to prove but i feel as though he left to avoid conflict, then the other friend (Kyle) arrived in town with different clothes, a different accent and pretending to not know me, then the other man (Kenneth) rejoined, immediately sprinted to his friend where they changed clothes again and accents again, they avoided a conversation for the sake of RP and me and a member of the security ended up being killed by them. I do not know if changing clothes and accents to avoid roleplay is breaking rules but i feel as though the man (Kenneth) who left the game mid conversation was essentially combat logging so that his friend had time to arrive. Then when he arrived, he rejoined and they were confronted, Kyle was ignoring orders from security (not valuing his life) then shot at by security, Kenneth who again was pretending not to know Kyle, pulled a gun without warning to the security and shot him, then i was killed. My main issue is the fact they actively avoided roleplay and then DC'd during a conversation to avoid being punished i.e killed without his friend to defend him. Many thanks
  3. *Kirill's ears perk up as he presses his transmitter and a thick Czech accent comes over the radio* "Oppa! This is good to hear that you and you're people are setting up again! Is this trading post still up and running or have you moved to Lopatino Castle?" *Kirill rests his radio on a stone by the fire as he awaits a response*
  4. *Kirill rest's his rifle and lights up a roll up cigarette before broadcasting* "Yorgi... You were my comrade and I thought a friend too, clearly I gave you too much credit after you leaving me to die in this shithole. We served in the war together and this is how you treat me? to save your own cowardly skin you abandon me?" *Kirill spits before continuing* "Hear my words Yorgi... and hear them well. You may think yourself untouchable or invisible but trust me I will find you *A sinister smile grows across Kirill's face* "and when I do you'll wish you died in Chechnya you Mudak! If anyone else can hear me and you have information on Yorgi I will be sure to make it worth your while" *Kirill laughs before ending his broadcast*
  5. *waking up startled by this response Robert listens, before tuning his radio* Whoever you are my friend, just know that I am not threatening anyone, nor do I question Sal's ideals if anything I think they are morally selfless, I'm offering advice to the men who I worked for.. a lot of my time was given to the ideals of the bank. Not to mention me absolutely believing that society could be rebuilt... I risked my life for these ideals and almost lost it more than once and for what? *Robert pauses briefly* What does the bank have my friend? Let me to tell you for a fact... They have nothing. The men who work within the bank are good men but blissfully ignorant men who don't seem to see the reality of what Chernarus is...A violent lawless wasteland. *transmission ends*
  6. *Robert strikes a match and lights a cigarette before tuning his radio* This is Robert Skinner and I have a message for those who claim to be The National Bank of Chernarus, those who I previously worked under and alongside... *Robert takes and long and harsh draw from his cigarette* I spoke many times about the issue regarding the banks strength, aggression and willingness to bend over for whoever threatened them. I conversed with the leadership, the traders and my fellow security members. Yet again we have shown that we are weak and can easily be smothered by a handful of fools with guns. I watched friends and innocent people die today, for the fourth time since my employment I was shot... *Robert groans as he looks at his new wound* This was the straw to break the camel's back and I have decided to leave the Bank of Chernarus. The firm yet fair leader of The Saviors has taken me in and already I feel as though I'm no longer at risk of begging for my life or ready to drop my weapon to keep things clean at any altercation. *Robert takes a final draw and stubs out his cigarette* It's been a pleasure gentlemen but these are my final kind words to you. if we meet in the wilderness of Chernarus... I hope you learn to use the weapons you famously never fire. *End of transmission*
  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I have received a ban due to the fact that I was not in the mood to do a woman's voice as my characters in game name is Robert, so I made up that i was a quote "Chick with a dick" I also want to say that this was my respawn after I had just been KOS'd by this group so I was trying to be blunt so i could leave without getting shot..again, I couldn't reply to this report as i was in a different part of the country IRL and was not online on DayzRP and I don't feel that being blunt is reason enough to be banned. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: None What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To be unbanned. What could you have done better?: I could've gone along with this RP but like i say after being KOS'd minutes prior I just wanted to find my friend and loot up again.
  8. I just want to point out that their initiation wasn't until I was literally looking to see who was sneaking up the road and the words "GET DOWN" got shouted and before i could react I was dead, there was no RP in terms of how I died, just KOS'd, my friend was kept alive and Rp'd but i was shot before anything could be said, I feel like that isn't an initiation but more like people being too jumpy on an RP server and KOSing and then claiming that it was part of the RP. Which it wasn't. Additionally, I don't want anyone to be banned I just think it's shit in terms of RP and the fact they KOS'd then looted my corpse which was 6-8 hours of gameplay gone for the sake of some paranoid group who had an unnecessary aggression in their group.
  9. I found a guy roaming in Stary and gave him some free stuff, just because i'm a cool guy then his two buds roll up and given that it's not my first time on dayz i say outright "let's be real am i going to get robbed here" and straight away PSI's voice starts blasting off and It's awful instantly. They then proceeded to rob me without searching me and had a sneaky lil pistol tucked away and put a few in PSI and his little crews back, him bringing in players is pretty cool but he had no RP about him whats so ever, he was just making sure not to break rules, i feel like ruleplay is just boring as fuck
  10. Server and location: between Stary Sobor and Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 23:35 - 18/10/2018 Your in game name: Robert Skinner Names of allies involved: Stuart Skinner Name of suspect/s: I don't know Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: me and my friend were heading from Green Mountain to Stary Sobor, we heard gunshots so decided to play it careful and move around Stary and I saw a man at the bottom of a dirt road, with the initial intention of robbing I thought better of it and to be friendly so i came out of hiding and headed towards the player, I could see he was trying to stay hidden in amongst bushes. so I aimed my gun to look down my ACOG and see if he had a gun, I want to stress that i didn't shoot nor did i have the intention of shooting, only to point my gun which as far as i'm aware everyone in dayzrp does and as i did i heard "GET DOWN GET DOWN GET DOWN" and before i could drop my gun, agree or actually go prone I was instantly killed, no reason and this was after we'd interacted with these people and I'd given them ammo and supplies, the only thing I know about the group is that they sound Russian (not sure if they really are or not) and that one of them is called Oscar in game. This was my first day on DayzRP and after speaking to 2 people I've already been killed on sight. Additionally, due to our previous interaction one of them felt bad and apologised to my friend but still proceeded to take all of my loot, which i understand i couldn't go and get because of NLR but also robbed him.
  11. Hey Semiazas, Thank you for the warm welcome and thanks for letting me know just i keep refreshing hoping to see that i have been whitelisted but iot is yet to change so im just crossing my fingers. Many Thanks Rob
  12. Hey:) So after considering it for quite a long time i finally decided to create and account and send off a whitelist application but i'm just curious about the application process. obviously if my request is permitted it will say so on my profile but how would i know if it has been declined? Will my "whitelist" section still remain as just no or will it let me know that i've been denied. Many Thanks Rob ?
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