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  1. An outbreak happened in Sweden where he lived and he luckily survived and made his way to Russia to find any kind of human beings. He is a former trapper who lived in the woods often hunting and trapping animals and he didn't know about them before some people came to and tried to bite him and starch him but he managed to kill them and then he checks their bodies to understand what had happened to them to people so he went into town and saw that most of the people there were either dead or infected so he left his home and tried to go elsewhere to find people and civilizations.
  2. We did a mistake of letting those people surround us. But what I remember is that I heard that they said that we would put our hands up.
  3. Sorry for not respond, but what I think they did was that they shot me when I miss click but they did what they had to do to not get shot at. @Sleepyhead
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