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  1. He travelled ther with his wife because she wanted to visit her perants and the out break happen there so now he is stuck there. He is trying to get off the Island and get back to his home but first he needs to find a boat. but he needs a Group to do it but it is hard for him cause he is not a good talker. When the out break started he was happy but now he will never be the same becaus his wife died and her parents too. when he saw all the blood and ssaw his wife been etan by her mother and after he kill her hewill try to get out of there
  2. We did a mistake of letting those people surround us. But what I remember is that I heard that they said that we would put our hands up.
  3. Sorry for not respond, but what I think they did was that they shot me when I miss click but they did what they had to do to not get shot at. @Sleepyhead
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