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    Held Captive [Event]

    Inmate please!
  2. Felix Fieri was born in Edmonton, Canada in 1987. He was a normal child aside from his voice. Ever since he was young he spoke in a high voice. Each day of school was hell for Felix, to make matters worse Felix was terrible at ice hockey, Canada’s national pastime, as he entered high school things only got worse. Due to his lack of exercise Felix was still very short and skinny and his high pitched voice made it difficult to get a girlfriend. His own family, being major hockey fans started to doubt their son’s potential and kicked him out as soon as he turned 18. Still life went on for Felix. He passed through community college and became a car salesman. He even made employee of the month, though it was redacted just two days later after he backed one of the cars into a pole. As christmas of 2016 crept around Felix’s boss, Anton, purchased a mail order bride from a far off post soviet nation called Chernarus. The only problem was that the mail order bride service lacked the necessary funds to send “Cherry Cherno” to Edmonton and instructed Anton to pick her up in Balota. However, the request was sent on Christmas eve and Anton needed to spend time with his other wife and kids. Of course Felix had nowhere to go for Christmas, as usual, and was instead sent to pick Cherry Cherno up for a small pay raise. When Felix arrived he found no Cherry in sight just two Chernarussian gangsters with lead pipes asking for the money. Felix was terrified, the same fear he felt when being bullied back in high school. Just as Felix was about to submit to the robbery he spied something out of the corner of his eye. It was an old abandoned hockey stick. Felix took a deep breath, picked up the hockey stick and began defending himself. With each blow he dealt Felix was heard screaming “Are you proud of me now dad? Lil Felix is a hockey star!” In a matter of minutes all was quiet. Both of the muggers were lying on the floor in pain. Finally Felix opened his eyes and glory fill the hole in his soul where shame one was. Felix raised his arms up in a victory pose when suddenly a policeman put his hands behind his back and swiftly took him to prison. Felix spend the rest of his days there until the outbreak occurred. Felix eventually escaped from the open prison and began to survive in a very foreign country.
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