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  1. Hey, The names Dominic Valentine. Born February 14th of 1997 and raised in California, I kind of grew up a little shit to be honest. Always getting into shit I shouldn't have been getting in to, always getting in trouble.. not going to school. You know your just your typical neighborhood bad kid. I barely made it in school. Being known as the bad kid at the school never really got me any friends. After graduating high school I got a shit-end job working at a taco place. Decided to say fuck that and joined the marines. Man those were the worst times of my life. Boot camp was hell. It made me grow up. But growing up was hard. Got the job as a Combat Engineer. Not really the job I wanted. I guess it worked out though. I ended up injuring my leg during my pre-deployment training in December of 2015. They expired my contract on October 30th of 2016. I started going to college, and ended up in a foreign exchange program which ultimately ended up placing me in Chernarus. Man this place is pretty. So much landscape with so little urban pollution. During my time in Chernarus "it" happened. I'll remember that day until I die. Everybody running around like headless chickens. Not knowing if they were about to die or not. My Marine training kicked in and I got the fuck out of dodge. I lived off of wildlife for a few weeks while everything "died" down if you know what I mean. After That I decided to emerge and explore what happened to the beautiful Chernarus.
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