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  1. Lincoln born in Australia but quickly moved to America with his parents seeking new life, they settled on a farm, creating fresh product for the cities of America, Lincoln raised of a farm all of his life never really saw the lights of a city unless he was taken to the city to sell their produce. Lincoln never enjoyed the city, he hated the smell, the sights and the people of the city, everytime he wandered the streets he felt disgusted, he prefered the farmlands over the city, camping in the wilderness is what made him feel at home, he loved nature more than anything, exploring the woods, the swamps. He hated going to school, he was always picked on from being different, his accent gave him away instantly he was bullied for the way he spoke, the way he looked, his hobbies and the way he acted amongst his peers. Lachlan never got along with anyone, he prefered to be secluded by himself or with his family. At the age of 19 Lachlan began working as a security guard, bouncing between venues, working at malls, bars, nightclubs. He was good at what he did, Lachlan wasn’t scrawny either, he was well built, his 180Ibs 6”8’ intimidated people, that is one of the reasons why he become a security worker. Two years later he started his own business as security for hire. Being CEO of his company it opened to doors to a wider community of employers, he actually made friends for the first time in his life. Keeping to himself, Lachlan never really found love, he did have a small relationship at the age of twenty, that lasted two years, he even had a child with her, Annaliese become his world, he dedicated days and nights to her, they were inseparable, until he got contracted to work in Chernarus the pay was rather generous, so he took the job even though he knew he wouldn’t see his little girl for a couple of years… That all changed when the ‘outbreak’ occurred halfway during his deployment, airports shut down, ports closed.. Lachlan soon realised he wouldn’t be able to leave Chernarus, this broke him.. During the first week of the outbreak, he kept his calm he tried to find what little positives remained in the world, he remained strong for those weak around him, even when they had given up on all hope. Unfortunately by the time week three had rolled it around it had taken its toll.. Lincoln lost it, he separated himself from his group he couldn’t take the stress and the bourdon anymore, he abandoned them and their camp during the night he was supposed to be on guard.. That was three weeks ago, he hasn’t heard from anyone since.
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