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  1. Word of the day: Chicken locked indahouse. Boris learnd a Great lesson yesterday night. Totally enjoyed it.
  2. Thanks a lot! ;D i'll be on discord in a moment
  3. Ok that's weird. I was wandering in Berezino with my Boris Tatinka character and i got dragged and stuck by and into a table. I can't destuck! I Tried to relogin, Jump, Attack but nothing it wont let me go. I can't even Crouch or Lay down Can someone help? Any chance of a Berezino Respawn, Or any random location just to destuck?
  4. My name is Boris Tatinka i am born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan long time ago. I served my country in that damn war for so many years.I was a recon, the best one. I saw mates die, house burn and civilian killed in cold blood. I had a family, yes. But i prefer to don't talk about it. The war took me everything from me and thats its all its needed to know. The year passed and the peace return, but i was sick of my country, so i moved to the nearby state of Krakotzia and took a job as Survivalist Instructor in the army. 20 years have passed by then and now im a happy man. or at least i was an happy man. Everything gone madness when the first undead came out. I decided to grab my backpack and emergency supplies and leave as fast as possible. I knew of some flights that bring people to a safer area for a fee so i decided to give it a try. Lucky me i managed to find one and in 2 hours i was in the sky. The plane was shaking hard due to a tempest. and the destination WEST. The radar went out after 4 hours. Then the plane start rapidly to lose height and last thing i remember is the pilot telling everybody in russian that we were trying to make an emercency land near the chernarus area. Then the crash. I woke up in a forest, really pissed of and unaware of where i was, And start walking.
  5. Claudio Pazzini is a Luminary Physiotherapist and muscle manipulator who live in Italy and use to move around the world most famous universities for talking about his subject. He have grey/white hair due to his age but his body is very muscular as his job require. He was in the army back at the youth time so he got a basic weapon and survival training. He can heal wound because of his study in general care and medicine. He is a calm and wise man and he like help people when in need (and if he can). He also have a great terror to die, he don't want to he want to return to his daughter alive and he must survive at any cost. Remember that.
  6. Thank you Semiazas , i ll remember that! And thanks all' for the warm welcome Hope my application goes fine too! i cant wait
  7. JahBless90


    Hi everybody! im Ferdinando i m 28 from italy. I'm new to this server but I hope to create some good rp situation with ya'll soon