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  1. As far as i can see it were pretty whitish and i was in a almost flat position. Don't know what to do, only thing that come to my mind is to suicide and see if my char is bugged or something. But i was keeping this one as ultimate solution
  2. Tried relogging/close and relaunch dayz and Yes i tried to hold down the button but no animation and of course no tent. I have the same issue placing everything even the barrels
  3. Don t know why i cant pitch tent or barrel with the click of the mouse. The White silhoutte appear but when i re-click it wont place anything. Am i the only? ?
  4. Word of the day: Chicken locked indahouse. Boris learnd a Great lesson yesterday night. Totally enjoyed it.
  5. Thanks a lot! ;D i'll be on discord in a moment
  6. Ok that's weird. I was wandering in Berezino with my Boris Tatinka character and i got dragged and stuck by and into a table. I can't destuck! I Tried to relogin, Jump, Attack but nothing it wont let me go. I can't even Crouch or Lay down ? Can someone help? Any chance of a Berezino Respawn, Or any random location just to destuck?
  7. My name is Boris Tatinka,i'm born in Omsk,Siberia where i lived a tranquil life until i was 18. at 18 i volunteerd in to the red army and join the recon special unit. They thought me how to hide my self, travel long distance in harsh condition and basic survive skill. Later me and my recon unit were called to duty during the civil conflict the affects half of the eastern countries. I had to leave all my relatives but actually i wasnt sad, cause i liked how i manage the everyday soldier life. That was fairly easy to understand: There were the Officers and the soldiers. Officers orders and soldiers do. End of story. Besides, You can always count on a combat mate. I returned home eventually but it lasted few days. Another calling, another destination. The Chernarus State. Next day i was there but we were not prepared for what was aspecting us there. Dead People, Mates, Civillian and Enemies raising from death and walking..eating who remain. Quickly our group was dilanhiated and i had to run through the forest of this unknown country. I'm surviving since then. Collecting all kind of stuff i can carry and trading for goods that can keep me alive and keep me safe from ritorsion or bad companies. Be recon is really helpful these days. First Journal Note Thinks its time to note what i need and memos because i have to track and keep registry of the things i have in my backpack and what i need. Write it down should help. Hah, i always wanted a secrety diary. No, that's not true. Journal Note 7/10 Sickness and bacteria are around every corner. Must drink only from wells (possibly cook) and wear a mask or something, you'll never know..i'll manage to find one Journal Note 11/10 Shame on this damn country. No working planes at NWAF so no airway escape. Maybe the beach or other airfield? Journal Note 15/10 For the first time i got caught. Hunger and a proposal of roasted chicken made me do unforgivable mistakes. The luck was on my side, they were a non violent team i think. but they taught me a lesson. Don't trust no one. Look from far, Hide well and trade only when needed. Note: Now I totally need a lockpick and a can opener.
  8. Claudio Pazzini is a Luminary Physiotherapist and muscle manipulator who live in Italy and use to move around the world most famous universities for talking about his subject. He have grey/white hair due to his age but his body is very muscular as his job require. He was in the army back at the youth time so he got a basic weapon and survival training. He can heal wound because of his study in general care and medicine. He is a calm and wise man and he like help people when in need (and if he can). He also have a great terror to die, he don't want to he want to return to his daughter alive and he must survive at any cost. Remember that.
  9. Thank you Semiazas , i ll remember that! And thanks all' for the warm welcome Hope my application goes fine too! i cant wait ?
  10. JahBless90


    Hi everybody! im Ferdinando i m 28 from italy. I'm new to this server but I hope to create some good rp situation with ya'll soon ?
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