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    looking good brother!
  2. I was led astray, I just wanted to trade but the red bandana dude had other plans PepeHands.
  3. Milo Walker was born in gloomy Bellingham Washington. His mom passed away while giving birth to him due to complications with the pregnancy thus begins a life of neglect and abuse for young Milo. His father, a former soldier would force young Milo through hard PT drills as punishment for something Milo had no control over. His dad would often take him on "camping trips" and leave Milo alone in the woods of Washington to fend for himself. Starved and bloodied Milo stumbled into town one night and was found rummaging through trash for food by the town's Sheriff. Milo was only 11 and had endured a lifetimes worth of pain and anguish. Milo's father was arrested on charges for child abuse and neglect. 2 years later Milo was adopted by a wealthy family in the town and began schooling after a short adjustment period. Milo excelled in school but struggled to make friends since he lived a secluded life. During his Junior year of high school, there was an opportunity for Milo to get to see the world. He would be going to school aboard with his school's sister school in Chernogorsk. A fresh start, just what Milo longed for. Milo graduated top of his class in 2009 and spent his time volunteering with the CDF as a medic when the war broke out. One day Milo awoke to the sounds of sirens and gunfire. He ran from his bunk got geared and prepared to treat those in need. As he ran past a guard tower he heard cries for help he ran up the stairs and found a young kid bleeding out. He began treating them the best he could but he knew death was certain for the kid. He stayed with the kid until he was no longer breathing. Then out of nowhere the kid jolted up and started attacking Milo. Milo fought for his life and managed to take down the young boy. Shocked and scared he looked around and that's when he saw soldiers and other people eating one another. Milo ran into the wilderness of Chernarus with what little he had on him in hopes of finding safety.
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