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  1. Copy. My actions took place not knowing there was a Wipe today.
  2. what does that video prove? There is nothing worth of Evidence other then you using the White Car. Lets see the clip when you found them?
  3. How can I RUN when I spawned there bud. Like I disconnected in the Bathrooms LASTNIGHT and spawned in the bathrooms TODAY. I haven't ran anywhere bud. You fella were taking things that was not yours to take. And you say it was Wiped. an I laugh at that because I Spawned in Earlier in the morning to see both Vehicles were still there before I started my Day.
  4. there are a few typos and the Editor is being freaky so read past them.
  5. I killed these people because when I spawn In the bathrooms of the warehouse. For some reason my AK74 was glitch because every time I ADS it would fire. I eventually fixed it and I hear 1 out of 2 of the cars I had locked in the warehouse, 1 white sedan and 1 red hatchback, the previous night running out side the warehouse. I peaked outside the bathroom to see a camp fire a spotlight and a generator in the first lower portion of the floor by the small scaffold bridge. The front doors were open and through them I could see the White sedan and 2 people standing next to it. I couldn't see the Red Hatchback. I sneak out of the bathrooms and move to the back door of the warehouse where I sat. from there I saw one guy across the street in a bush and I decided to watch him. I heard a few gun shots, not at me. Then heard some foot steps inside the warehouse. I turned to cover the door leading into the locker room of the warehouse. Moments later a man with a SCAR raised and pointed at me lean peaked the door and I Shoot him several times killing him. I ran to him taking the MP5 suppressed from his and heard one of the other 2 getting attacked by Zombies. I ran out the back door spraying more then half the mag into him. I then gethot at by the Third man from behind my I ran to the other side of the shed on the South wall of the warehouse and turned to spray what was left of the mag into my chaser not killing him. I then ran inside of the warehouse through the back door, stripped the mag out of the gun and preceded to reload. I then waited a good minute, then rushed out the back entrance of the warehouse to search for the 3rd man. I searched the entire lot then went to the hills to see if he ran up there and saw him just starting to climb down the latter. I crouched and started taking shots with the MP5 missing most but hitting some. he laid down on the roof where I continued to shoot him killing him. I then took what I could and left with my Sedan.
  6. So yes I killed them ON SITE because A. They were stealing my supplies and vehicles, I only got one of them back so they stashed the other one. B. They were TRESSPASSING. C. I'm not going to lower my weapon when a guy comes around the corner with his gun raised and ready to shoot.
  7. I spawned into the server to see 3 guys stealing my cars and taking over my base I started building lastnight before I got off.
  8. I come from the Congo. But I grew up down in the south. The rice farms is where I made my living in my village. I would get up to 100 kilos of rice in a day. Good amount of food for my family. One day the local militia came and took all my rise from me. Said I would be shot. I asked why, they told me it was End Times. Not long after that, everyone who could not run died. I went west to the coast and found a small boat. And I left the Congo. I will never return to my homeland. There is nothing there to return too. So I will take this boat, and I will find a new home. a home without those things. A home I can make my own.
  9. I come form a small town name Clear Fox Springs In the Eye Juice mountains. there was a war going on the majority of my childhood that came to an end in just before my 18th birthday. Till one day the bombs started going off. at first the ground stared to shake, then you started to hear the explosions getting louder as they got closer. my mother and father and I hid in the cellar until everything came to a quiet stand still. nothing was breathing outside. seeing what the bombs have done to everyone I've known broke me in ways I've never thought possible. Then i saw just exactly what the bombs were for. Approaching me through the thick smoke with her left arm missing at the elbow. I just looked as it screamed. and as more emerged. I grabbed my parents and we ran toward the dock at the river NE of town. Running I loose my mothers grip to only look back and see her and my father on the ground with those things ripping them apart. All I could do was Run. And prey I make it to those Docks.
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