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  1. VengefulPeanut

    Prison island bridge input

    Voted number 1. The dam model does have rails and is more spacious, I believe, than some of the others.
  2. I feel like this is such a difficult issue to balance between gameplay and RP - the eternal curse of DayZ. While I disagree with the argument, "Don't want your stuff stolen, stay online" (I'm a busy dude, I don't want to be punished for that), I do see where people come from in that how do you RP this amicably from both sides? I dunno, I think I'll have to say -1 for now. Maybe if we find a solid solution on how to regulate this in future. Big +1 for settlements in regards to base building though.
  3. VengefulPeanut

    A bridge to prison island

    Big +1 for the bridge idea. For all the people who are saying "just swim", I'm curious if you think this is realistic RP? I'm not trying to be inflammatory with this, just to get that out there, however in my mind it wouldn't make sense for someone to do a 5+ minute swim in open water (with tides), with full gear, for the sake of looting gear that you then can't lug back to the mainland. A bridge would ultimately mitigate this. It opens up the island for realistic RP. I completely agree with the idea that we could have an event to remove the bridge once (if) we have boats in the future.
  4. VengefulPeanut

    Energy/Water Rework

    I think in the interest of RP the dehydration rate should be decreased. It's insane how much water my character needs lately. I think food is very manageable, though.
  5. I mean, tidying it up and making a tl;dr version wouldn't go amiss. Still, having 50 different versions of lore in-game is pretty immersion breaking. It would be nice to see the world we're RPing in develop instead of just being this static canvas for groups to PVP over.
  6. Getting some more DayZRP lore will be great! Big +1 for that.
  7. VengefulPeanut

    Make clothing indestructible (ex. hats, glasses, masks, shirts, gloves, pants, and boots)

    I think the removal of the ruined state is a better idea. Still, I'd say that removing a survival feature in a survival game isn't the best idea. I suppose it's hard to find a good balance between RP and game mechanics that pleases everyone.
  8. *Bradley frowns as the transmission blares through the radio. Clicking the transmission key in, he inhales shortly before speaking* "Ron, I need you to answer me clearly and calmly... where are you?" *releases button*
  9. VengefulPeanut

    Free Medics Homestead beacon AM 650 KHz outbound 652 KHz inbound.

    *A voice crackles over the radio* "Any free medics this net, for reasons of previous transmissions I'd rather not identify myself. Still, I heard rumour there was possibly a medic wanting to look into the virus. If this is still true, please respond on this frequency. I'll be listening." *A sharp screech of static signals the end of the transmission and with it, Bradley takes a seat beneath a tree, watching the setting of the sun*
  10. I don't do selfies so look for the 12-year-old looking white boy.
  11. Bull the Dog. The true legend of Chernarus.
  12. @ScarletRose and @yuthee Was great travelling with you guys! Should definitely throw our characters at one another again some time! ?
  13. VengefulPeanut

    Free Medics Homestead beacon AM 650 KHz outbound 652 KHz inbound.

    *Bradley smiles as the response comes through, pressing the button in once more* "Good to hear from you. We are en-route to the homestead now from the North. ETA 5-10 minutes. Over." *click*
  14. VengefulPeanut

    Free Medics Homestead beacon AM 650 KHz outbound 652 KHz inbound.

    *Pulling off from the trail, Bradley clicks the button into the radio to open communication with the homestead* "Free Medics homestead, this is Bradley Woods. Myself and one other are looking to head to your homestead for trade. Please respond back on this channel with confirmation. Over." *click* *static*
  15. Bradley Woods led a rather unfulfilling school life. Growing up in a rural English town and attending one of the less reputable schools in the area, Bradley was always left feeling constrained and trapped. He wanted to go out, he wanted to see the world and he didn't want to be told to do that he had to learn pythagoras theorem or any other inane school day's topics. That's not to say he wasn't academically capable - quite the opposite. Still, despite constant pushing from his teachers for him to attend higher education, he chose to enlist in the army the moment he got out of education. Assigned to the 1YORKS, Yorkshire Regiment, Bradley served two tours in Afghanistan in the closing years of the Theatre. It was after this that, despite his refusal to think of alternatives in his youth, he began to crave something more in life. Disillusioned with British military deployments around the world, Bradley left the regiment to attend university where he studied Linguistics. He even graduated with a first. Looking forward to a life of wonder ahead of him, he left his graduation with a head full of dreams that he might be able to be something more than just a trigger for the government. Alas, the Wendigo Virus had other plans. All British military personnel, current and previous, were put on high alert and before long Bradley soon found himself holding a rifle again. Still, he didn't mind too much. At least this time, pulling the trigger was to save lives in place of taking them and that made all the difference. Bradley was selected from his unit to trial for the SRR due to his education and the UKSF command's dwindling number of resources/operatives. He passed the trial with flying colours and was soon put to work. As England began to fall further and further into the clutches of the infection, with a heavily reduced backing from NATO, an operation was devised by UKSF command to send a team of operatives to ground zero in the hopes of acquiring something, anything, that might help them combat the infection. The operation was titled Operation Kasha. Operation Kasha was barely underway, when Sterling-1, Bradley's unit, stopping at the Catterick Barracks in Germany (one of the few remaining British installations left in Europe) while their transport refuelled, fell under attack as an infected horde swarmed the installation. Contact between the installation and the British mainland was cut off and it seemed Operation Kasha was over before it even began. In truth, the operation never ceased. Members of Sterling-1 managed to escape the slaughter at Catterick and, in place of heading home, opted to proceed onwards to Chernarus and finish their mission. The terrain proved difficult to traverse and the team had to adapt. They ditched uniforms for standard clothing, attempted to stay away from primary routes of travel, avoided large cities: anything to blend in and go unnoticed and unhindered. However, by the time they came to cross Ukraine, travelling in a group was getting even more difficult. Separating, the team agreed to rendezvous in Chernarus at an agreed location in South Zagoria and thus Bradley was alone, wandering weary eyed into the region, trudging along to the rendezvous, hoping to see familiar faces waiting for him.
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