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  1. Graduated from college in LA and moved to Cherno for a job opportunity at the local radio station. Worked there for 3 years before the infection began. He was never married and had lost all his friends during the initial outbreak. He is an individual that is kind at heart, but you don't want to mess with his values. He left his family back in California and they have not been heard from since the outbreak. Communication was difficult for them before the infection occurred, and now it was impossible. His parents had not supported his decision to move so far away from home for work and they had pleaded for him to not leave. Jackson was more concerned with the opportunity that was presented to him rather than satisfy his parents. Now, three years into him living in Cherno, he has yet to meet a woman. He made friends at work, but had no luck with women. Once the infection started, it became impossible. Jackson hopes to stay alive as long as possible , but understands that there are many situations that can occur here so far from home.
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