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  1. Markus Lang POV: As i approach the Dichina military base i get surrounded by about 6 to 8 people with a Russian accent who rob me of almost all my gear and force me into one of the buildings. After doing some RP where they make numerous threats against me and foreigners but then let me go. I immediately run to Kabanino, where i meet @OxeN, @Ryan Shepherd and @brk . After i tell them that i just got robbed by Chernorussians and that they want to kill all foreigners, they ask me if i want to take revenge. I agree and we search for people to join us. We meet a Saviours member that tells us to go to Gorka because they may join our cause. When we arrive a few of them agree to come with us and one of them gives us armbands so we can recognize each other. On the way back to Novy i loose my new found friends. When i go to drink some water at the pump next to the police station, three Saviours hold up some suspicious guy with a Russian accent and tell him to come with them. Then when i give a new spawn some food i hear shots behind the church. I run there and i meet @OxeN who tells me that the Chernorussians killed @brk on the open field and we retreat to hide in a house nearby the police station. After about 15 minutes @OxeNand i run behind the police station where i get killed. Because my radio was broke i wasn´t in communication with the other members during the firefight. @OxeN, @Ryan Shepherd
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