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  1. azza90

    S1: KoS in Vishnoye - 10/12/2018 17:30

    who got killed? lol no one aimed for a kill? or you'd be dead trust me lol. anyway im busy do your ting my bro
  2. azza90

    S1: KoS in Vishnoye - 10/12/2018 17:30

    i not yet replied to ( her ) question. unless your saying i'm flash gordon with replying too haha! nah hes slow man. i'm more about the instant transmission goku style ? alright yeah i shot this guy and it was a pretty decent shot too! i didn't just run off or carried on trying to wipe them out. i went down there coz i wanted to see if it got into a proper hostile hostage situation maybe i could try escape what i seen in a few ytube vids. no one was killed in the making of what i was trying to do but yeah. what ever you want to think you will think. i really couldn't care less lol. anyway that's that bb glhf ?
  3. azza90

    S1: KoS in Vishnoye - 10/12/2018 17:30

    for you the one being shot i thought you would of been the one who would be most pissed off and would want to express you thoughts and opinions. i didn't cause you any harm. your boring me man play your game.
  4. azza90

    S1: KoS in Vishnoye - 10/12/2018 17:30

    so your the one who menna of got shot but yet you was the very one who didnt talk to me what so ever through that whole encounter? why? you was behind a wall crying saying to your friend when you go to sleep for him to ( shoot ) you? wtf you on about.
  5. azza90

    S1: KoS in Vishnoye - 10/12/2018 17:30

    i logged on not too long ago???? i ran towards that town when i see 3 people coming towards me with their guns out? a zombie attacked me they shot it then as i said held me at gunpoint. for about 5 mins. those same names you mentioned. they made me walk to near the fountain and interrogated me. i gave them food. as i said the one i gave bacon to said to this howard to follow him because he needs a quiet word. then the third friend who was in the nearby house ran behind the building what looked to be flanking me. so i made my escape.
  6. azza90

    S1: KoS in Vishnoye - 10/12/2018 17:30

    hello yeah i spoke with these guys they held me at gun point threatened me i complied with them. i offered them food which they took. then the guy who took my bacon told the other guy to go down a road to have a private talk. their third friends can behind a building it looked to be a set up. am i wrong?
  7. Riley Is from england and worked as a tree surgeon most of his life. he went to chernarus for work when the outbreak started. hes searching for lost co workers and other survivors who may know what happen and how it all started. hes used to being in the wild and working in forests. hes handy on knowing where different type of plant life grow and what type of plant life is safe to eat or not.hes a expert fire maker and enjoys being deep in the forests. he often does loot runs in near by villages and towns during the late evenings.
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