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  1. I had a normal life as a kindergarten teacher. Then one day a virus broke loose, the dead suddenly stopped dying. Both my wife and kids were zombified and I had to lock them out and barricade the house. I didn't have the guts to get rid of them, so I stayed inside the house for 2 months. Living off of old food supplies and even came to the point were I had to drink my own piss. I was running out of food, I had to confront them. I thought of all the possible ways I could have escaped, but no matter what I couldn't just leave them there. I had to kill them, my 6-year-old Timmy and 14-year-old Chris that I used to take out hunting. My Wife of nearly two years. If not for me, them for them. I was praying that they would still be able to live in Gods paradise... One morning I went to the front door, and they were standing there as usual. Without opening the door I took a pistol out and shot throw the door until the magazine was empty. As I was sitting up against the door crying I heard one of them moving. I quickly reloaded the gun and opened the door, Timmy was still alive, shot 3 times in the stomach, I hesitated but shot him in the head, all of them. Later that day I went out and buried them, sat there for hours until my stomach started hurting. I had no more food so i had to search the whole neighborhood. No one was there, all the houses were empty. After stocking up on some food I heard a helicopter above, I quickly ran out and screamed and waved in the air. The helicopter didn't seem to notice me, but right after it flew out of my sight I heard gunshots followed up by an explosion. I ran towards the smoke coming from the trees in the distance. As I came to the crash site I saw the people standing there next to the helicopter, I was about to yell hello to them right before a gunshot interrupted me. The two guys shot the pilot to make sure he was dead. This was then I realized, not everyone is friendly.
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