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  1. We talked and it is fine. Need a lot to learn i guess. So the repo isn't guilty anymore
  2. Server and location: Stary Sobor grid: (at external map https://dayz.xam.nu/) 6206.13/8011.88 Northeast from military area up the hill next to this litle voltage transformation substation with one blue door and a fence arround it , DayZRP.com - S1 - EU Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 13.10.2018, Realtime 10:47 at evening GMT (Server Time unknown cause we where upset and stoped playing) Your in game name: Paul pan Bam Names of allies involved: Peter pan Bam Name of suspect/s: 2 Guys Unknown one of these in RP the other one where not Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no Vehicles Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): just us Detailed description of the events: We where Roleplaying to a guy to ask Questions about Susan (The missing Wife of Peter pan Bam) I was covering my friend and i stepped behind the "Stranger" just to safe the Situation. Peter was asking this man about the missing woman and we forced him to drop the weapon so he can move on with his character without being a thread to us. Actually in this moment a shot came out of nowhere from the right hand side of peter and killed him directly. It was from the left hand side from my position. The other player which we where talking to, was using the situation and grabbed his M4A1 and moved behind a tree and killed me instead without any roleplay conversation. The second thing was that he wasn't talking to anyone in VOIP ingame and he eventaully communicated via an external talking program like discord or teamspeak so it wasn't feel like any fairplay in this moment.
  3. Good afternoon felas, My name is Paul pan Bam, but my friends know me as Coldblood. Before the outbreak i was working in germany at the military "Airbase of Rammstein" as an Agent of the military shielding service. I had a beautifull wife "Anna" and three sweet children "Louis", "Sandra" and my smallest one "Chris". I was living in a small village called "Steinwenden" in an awesome House with a big garden right next to it. It was a perfect live and we thought that we are save cause of the "Rammstein Airbase" but we where wrong. When the infection started because of "Patient Zero". My brother "Peter pan Bam" and his his whole family moved from "Wien" to Chernorussia. I did want to understand this but he couldn't tell me the reasons of this choice. Since his desicion we where talking each evening so i did know that he was save. Me and my family tried to be save too but things happend. I was going to the school of my kids to bring them home. In the news they said we need to save them but all what i found was dead bodys, blood and strange sounding noises. The infection arrived and i couldn't help anymore. My wife couldn't take that and she jumped from a bridge and died, too. Now i'm on my own and im fucking missing the calls of my brother, he didn't call for the few last DayZ. "I need to find him, i hope nothing happend to him and his familiy, i will go to Chernogorsk where he was at the last call."
  4. Well, hello guys we'll see us online when my whitelisting process is done, still waiting to get access
  5. Hey Diamond, i will take care of that so i won't starve infront of my computer xD
  6. Hey my name is Markus, Im from Germany and living in a nice City with round about 100000 citizens, I'm a physical therapist and im loving to rehab ppl's after bad injurys. My hobbys are hiking, climbing and martial arts and much more. I like to have a lot of conversations and finding friends. In my freetime im playing a lot of tactical shooters and going out with friends and my familiy I hope we will enjoy the time here. See you soon in the future, Markus
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