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  1. My Parents moved from England shortly before I was born, They raised me speaking only English, and for this, I was picked on in school, excluded everywhere I went. Most my life, I was alone. Parents were always at work, and I had no friends. When I turned 18, I ran away from home and joined the CDF. They had me stationed at Zaprudneo, my parent's moved to Kamensk to be close to me, but didn't like small towns like Zap or Ratneo. Things were pretty quit, until people started going mission, Including my parents... Then we heard that the Russians were pulling out of Troitskeo Military Base. That's when all hell broke out. I remember hearing the bombs early in the morning. Then the orders came in to go to Kamensk, that's when we heard talk about the infected. Didn't take long after that for things to escalate and soon, we were in Elektrozavodsk, defending one of few remaining major cities... And things only got worse! over the next week, the bombings, and the infected, only got worse. This went on for a couple months before everything when quiet. At this point, Mankind was hanging by a thread, trying to survive. Many resistance groups formed up, trying to reclaim the lands, some failed, some still carry on the fight... This is how it has been for over a year now.
  2. live for my God, I lived for my country. Was once a member of the Takistani Forces that fought along side the Soviet Army and CIA to crush the evil regime that held control over Takistan. But when the virus broke out, we were abandoned. Takistan fell before the year even ended. With the help of some brothers, I formed the Islamic State of Takistan (also known as the Taki-Islamic Resistance/Empire) with ONE mission; Destroy any remnants of the Red Army. They left us to die, they abandoned us all. I will have my revenge, but for now, my brothers and I will set up a stronghold in Chernarus.
  3. We once fought along side the Soviets to bring down the old Takistani Regime and restore peace to our country. Then the virus broke out and those Sovi Bastards betrayed us. Killed our soldiers and left our country in ruins as the virus took over. With the help of some survivors, I formed the Taki-Islamic Resistance, fueled by our hatred for the new Russian Federation and their allies, we set out on one mission: Destroy the Red Army!!! Our forces at this time are not great enough to go after Russia head on, but we have taking control over regions of Chernarus and are forming a stronghold to launch our attacks from. Soon we shall have our revenge.... نحن نبقى إلى الأبد والتوسع دائما "We are Forever Remaining and Always Expanding!"