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  1. so hey guys for now on i can shoot everyones face if i just said 2 sentens before? i mean i let him go i told him to lay down his weapon and he can run. this two ppl was in ts or discord.. and he was afraid of losing charakter.. iam pissed sry
  2. Before the breakout i was living in vienna and working at the general hospital of vienna. it wasnt a good payed job but it was okay. it made fun and we carried us from month to month. after patient zero vienna was a mess... i fled by car with my family Into the north. our goal was skandinavian. i hoped the minus celsius will kill/stop the virus and some landacapes will be spared out. we passed praq and and entered Chernarussian. i dont know why and where but we had an car accident. i woke up in my car. had an injury at my right upper arm. a metalscrap stuck in there... my former job hepled me to handle the injury.. but it hurts way more that my family wasnt here anymore. i have no idea where they are. may they got kidnapped... or just tought iam dead and flee. i dont wanna think of the third option.... anyway i need to find other survivors and gain old strengh. may someone seen them or know where they are.
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