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  1. I had a wife (Abby) and 2 kid (Falcon) (Steve) we went on vacation to Russia Moscow together to see the world but when we got there we were stuck thanks to an outbreak. The outbreak took my wife and kids leaving just me to put them down after that I jumped in my car trying to escape Russia but it was no use. I had to travel east. My truck stopped and I started on foot with Not much but some supplies like a book bag a mask my Lucky cowboy hat a vest and some other clothes as well as a gun with no ammo and a shovel. overall I am just trying to explore and survive this awful world that I call "home".
  2. so i as i started to play this game and i meet us with someone and i helped him survive dieing o thrist by helping him then I found another person and decided to tag along with him and then we walked to a town where there was a small military area where we got split up and I was robbed by 3 people my radio was taken and I had no idea where they went then i found another person who was armed but friendly and helped me get back on my feet and gave me some advice so i took that advice and sent out to live again and I found my friends at a town nearby thinking they were dead but they were not so i was happy and walked along with them. then where i was reported I said hey im going to go out of my person for a sec and ask if they had a discord they were confused and that what the video was. after that i asked them in chat.
  3. Ok, it's was late and I was asking my friends in voice chat if they had a discord name but i forgot that i needed to use the chat not voice chat sorry for this I was tired and didn't mean to