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  1. *Ross presses the PTT* "of course I will help i found somewhere to call home and we could tell the sick they will get help here we would need protection from radiation first though i assume ?" Ross releases the PTT*
  2. *Ross Presses the PTT quickly as he hears a familiar voice* "Toby ! Its Ross i haven't seen you for a couple months its good to hear your still alive we should meet again at some point" * Ross releases the PTT and places his radio on his belt*
  3. *the radio blurts into static as Ross presses down the PTT* "Doctor Brandon Its you ! its Ross Godds Im not sure if you remember me its been a fair while." "I have seen only 2 members recently that i can assume are still alive and kicking that being doc Nathan and one other" "If you would like we could meet up in Grishino at some point ?" "Im trying to get the band back together" *the static fizzles out to silence*
  4. *Ross takes out his radio and presses down the PTT* I keep hearing about this new paris shit but I still have no idea where the hell it is can any of you lot tell me ? *Ross releases the PTT*
  5. RossGodds

    Arriving at the lake

    oooh people at the old homestead
  6. *Ross presses down the PTT* Thomas this is Ross i hope you rested well last night we should meet again *the radio crackles until silence*
  7. *Ross presses down his PTT* your job getting done for you hahaha *you hear some crackling before the radio cuts out*
  8. yes we built quite the castle at the homestead on the west side of the map then then server crashed and every single thing was gone
  9. RossGodds

    Photo project

    Some shitty pictures of some beautiful people ?
  10. RossGodds

    Stranniki- Winter Survival Camp Server 2 Only!


    will there be NPCS being used ?
  11. *Ross quickly presses the PTT when he hears the familiar voice* *you can hear the excitement in his voice* Andy ! Ive been looking for you are you ok we need to meet up soon my friend. *Ross releases the PTT*
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