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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/33301-rossgodds/warnings/3737/ Why the verdict is not fair: It was a joke towards a friend but i understand how it was percieved as flaming as it was not obviously a joke. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: i can get the person i was accused of flaming who is a friend of mine to back me up showing it was a joke. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: access to the official dayZRP.com discord What could you have done better? made it clear i was making a joke. or not comment at all thanks -Ross Godds
  2. welcome to possibly the best dayZ RP server out there. :kek: gamer girl
  3. RossGodds

    Jackfish's Media Thread

    wtf that dude had no head
  4. RossGodds

    Bring Back Pre Built bases for Factions

    well put @S.Bradley
  5. RossGodds


    welcome to possibly the best RP server for dayZ
  6. welcome bud but sorry to say fishing currently isnt ingame
  7. In my case I enjoy my character but I also feel the home I built is the reason I play on the server because everything I do IC revolves around my shack in the woods and the community I live with. I may be the only one who feels this way but not having my home and all my clothing etc that is in home makes there less reason for me to join s2 as all I could do is loot.
  8. RossGodds

    Hey from the Midlands

    Welcome bud
  9. Welcome to one of the best RP experiences you will ever find
  10. RossGodds

    Reinstate Older White List Application Process

    i agree with this completely although i have only played for 8 months i have noticed a substantial amount more of badRP and people forgetting the time the server is set in. for example people started singing lil nas x old town road a song that came out earlier this year when they saw a cowboy hat. i have also noticed more people that sound under the age bracket to join the server. so i think a rework or more care when a person is accepted should definitely happen.
  11. RossGodds


    would you like to know how to fix it ?
  12. Mate I’ve been playing on this server for about 8 months and I’ve got to say this has been my best gaming experience In years the people you meet on this sever are so good at RP almost like professional actors lol obviously there are people who aren’t as experienced in RP but they come here and learn from the more experienced RPers. Your gonna enjoy yourself man and remember no meta lol
  13. RossGodds

    DayZRP 19.6.1

    it will most likely be removed when it becomes autumn or winter
  14. RossGodds

    Viridian Media Thread

    oooh ill have to try find one are they spawning or an item shop menu
  15. RossGodds

    Viridian Media Thread

    what bag is that you have ?
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