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  1. *Dale raised his radio, and spoke into it* "Count me in, I'm more than willing to help." *He lowered his radio, and set it on the table in front of him*
  2. Probably this old game from 2003, played it on my first PC and still have it to this day.
  3. Been going to competitive shooting events and have been recognized as a sharpshooter. Ranging from plinkters to game rifles. When I'm not out on the range I'm usually behind my computer playing vidya games until eventually (when im done being lazy) I'll get a job.
  4. Don't know much about either but I have seen some stuff in Division 2, and it looks amazing. Battlefield is my pride and joy but I've heard a lot of negative stuff about it with Battlefield 5, so, might want to stick to Division 2.
  5. @Phoenix Outstanding RP as usual, can't wait for tomorrow. @AlanM Had an amazing time with you today, one-punch man. @WaterAzuroth Great RP, love the development n' stuff. @allanman123 RIP Jacob, now Dale has PTSD.
  6. Dale picked his head up from the pillow with a sudden jerk when his radio went off. Groggily, he made his way to the windowsill, and picked up the radio. He looked out over Chernogorsk and smiled as he pressed onto the PTT, his words echoing in the empty room. "Real good to have you back Doctor Shock, we all missed you, and don't forget we're all here for you. I'll see you again on the trail, best of luck my friend." Dale lowered the radio and looked out at the city. Without looking he turned off the radio and set it back on the windowsill, where he leaned and looked out to the city.
  7. Don't forget the trees speak Chernorussian, lol, good luck out there.
  8. @Phoenix Sorry for driving you up the wall, lol, can't wait to RP again tomorrow, I'll be sure to let you in on some of Dale's backstory so that you can come to understand him a bit better. @Rover It's Dale's favorite hobby to drive him to drinkin', but I'm sure Dale will come around eventually. @Watchman Good getting to know you and Caleb a little better today. RP, as always, was outstanding. Can't wait to see you again bud. @AlanM Good getting to know you too bud, really appreciate the RP we had. Until our final journey to the ground, may we meet again.
  9. @Phoenix @WaterAzuroth @allanman123 @Imation11 Outstanding RP today, good to see all of you. Thanks for the liberation and the new family, can't wait to RP with y'all in the future.
  10. Sounds like a case of bad luck my friend. lol I'm sure they'll come around eventually, I for one like to imagine them screaming when they run away to humor myself.
  11. @WaterAzuroth @allanman123 @Imation11 Great time with you boys, wish I could have been with you boys on your jog back to Albion. Also some really great RP with Dr. Kevin, hope to see you boys in game again sometime soon.
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