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  1. Fontaineaux

    S1: KOS - 13/01/19 - Novoya Petrovka

    Then you ran in front of my bullets as I shot at @Toex. You were not my intended target, I shot through the windows of the camper van specifically at @Toex, but you ran in front of him as I opened up. The view of the left side of the van was blocked by the building I had ran behind, and couldn't have seen you coming from the left. I held a pretty lengthy spray through the windows of the van and my view from the left was blocked. You just ran in front, I guess, I have no clue how I was suppose to handle that situation. I didn't even know I had shot you until this came up, you were not the intended target, and I apologize for that out of respect because I knew that you weren't really involved. If deemed by the administration I will serve my punishment without any complaints from me, because I understand that it's pretty frustrating getting caught in the crossfire. I am open to speak about it anytime unless I'm alseep/in game. I am available on Discord, can call or just text, whichever you want.
  2. Fontaineaux

    S1: KOS - 13/01/19 - Novoya Petrovka

    Dale POV: I was dealing with another medic who had come forward to offer Dale some help around the town, this encounter was made at the front doors of the church. We had started to walk away, talking about what roles we played (Me and the other doctor), and @Toex, @MoodyOG, and @GenjiRP come out, I'm assuming confused as to who was talking outside the church. Some unpleasent words were exchanged as @Toex verbally harassed me. I used the words 'inbread dumba***'s' as I walked away, continuing to talk to the other doctor about what role he would play as my assistant. He had warned me that the three were taking out weapons, and presumably were about to come and attack us. They started sprinted towards us, (me and the medic) and @MoodyOG swung a bat into my head, and then @Toex come and hit me with his pipe a couple of times. I had yelled "Stop it," before I rounded a camper van that was nearby, and pulled out my AK. I raised my rifle, to whom I assumed was @Toex, as he was the last one to hit me. @GenjiRP was not my intended target, it all happened to fast I just sprayed and didn't realize that she had ran out in front of @Toex. At the time I had rounded the van and raised my rifle she had somehow gotten infront of @Toex and my bullets struck her, instead of @Toex as I sprayed. This had been a common thing throughout the day, as I had been beaten many times before this interaction on the same day. @GenjiRP had a weapon out, and was with the other two, so I don't see why it's that big of a problem considering she was with them at the time of the assaults, even sprinting over to with the two men that beat me, weapon drawn. I had simply reached my breaking point, I do not think I broke the rules, considering she had her weapon out and was actively trying to pursue me along with @Toex and @MoodyOG but I do apologize, as she was not my intended target. And no, I had no knowledge that I had killed her instead of @Toex, as I couldn't really see where I was shooting, but I knew they were the only three there. (Mind the poor attempt at highlighting whoever was involved, I don't quite know how that works)
  3. Fontaineaux

    Rest In Peace DatTurtle

    Bless him, Rest in Peace.
  4. Server and location: S1 Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Not exactly sure 16:00-20:00 Your in game name: Dale Fontaineaux Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Roland Gen Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: This were a couple of days ago, as I had been reviewing the rules and made sure I was missing nothing. I had tried to reach out to Roland myself to try and understand but he never responded. I had been roaming with this guy for a while, I met him in Stary, and we were having fun, nothing seemed to go wrong. When we hit Vybor, we noticed a base and decided to check it out, nothing unusual happened, we even joked around and had a good time. As we entered Vybor, we started to get hungry, and a passerby noted hearing a chicken, so I took out my knife to go and kill the chicken. As I was skinning the chicken, out of no where, Roland pulls out a pistol and shoots me in the back of the head. No arguments were held, we even planned on going on a looting run in Vybor.
  5. If you open the launcher off of steam, you have to activate the mods and then set your name. I was around when you used to have to put your name under launch options so I didn't know.
  6. Hello, whenever I start the DZSA launcher, or the regular Dayz Launcher, and I try to launch DayzRP, I am always hit with the same problem. The loading starts, but about the time that the steam popup in the bottom right comes up, the loading spinner at the top right starts to spazz out, and the steam popup bugs out. I have tried launching the game multiple times, and I have tried waiting. Each time, with no luck. If I could get some help, I would really appreciate it. ?
  7. Dale was panting heavily, obviously shaking. "John, it's Dale, the banker ratted under torture." "I need some serious help, please respond when you hear this." "More details will come when you respond." He turned off his radio.
  8. Fontaineaux

    Starting Items

    The idea of just spawning out in places I've never been before sounds like an idea I'm conflicted on. The security of knowing where I'm going, as I've been really familiar with the Vybor-Novy area is good and all. But if the idea of starting items is thrown out and instead spawns near rural towns is implemented, it would encourage people to get familiar with the entire map, instead of just a hot-spot of RP. Might encourage more diversity in groups in the future. Mobility wouldn't be a problem because I believe it was that vehicles will be coming out soon. Maybe some hitch-hiking RPs would be really nifty, but I'm apposed to neither idea.
  9. So far in my 35 hours of DayzRP, I've noticed a lot of differences in groups present. I've seen just how far groups are willing to go to express their fondness, or dislike for another group. ICly, I've been settling with the doctors outside of Vybor for a while now, they're nice and they take care of my character. Now with this, of course comes dangers, the Nationalists seem to never break when it comes to pestering the groups around Vybor. But I've noticed they have certain patrol patterns, and places where they usually stay. The doctors for instance stay in a house outside of Vybor, and go out and about to hunt for supplies. The Nationalists even have certain areas they patrol, I've noticed this through rather unfortunate encounters with them, as I'm sure a lot of you have too. As I see it, the potential with base-building and how groups operate would be mind blowing. Just imagine the Nationalists rolling up into Stary and building defenses, declaring the town under their control. And the Saviors, in Novy, building defenses there, and an active hostile interaction is held in the hills between Stary and Novy, effectively making it war zone. Trade patterns for the doctors would be ruined, and traffic to and from the West and East would be affected because of the conflict. The potential for RP scenarios and blockades, checkpoints, armed patrols, each group making botched attempts at government, AGH, the potential. I've seen people mention that base building is coming in the next update, and I am very excited for that. Maybe we'll see some of these things actually happen, the future looks good. But just as a conversation holder, for said potential, when this comes true, what kind of buildings do you think you'd make? I think trade posts along barren highways and refugee camps are a good idea, personally. But I've just been so excited about this I can't just keep my thoughts to myself.
  10. Fontaineaux

    Food being rare: Discussion

    I've found it just as easy to smack a chicken every now and then and snack on the raw meat while I search around town for food. More often than not they're hidden in plain sight, thought it is quite annoying when you find cans but can't open them because you haven't gotten anything sharp. Someone did mention the possibility of people spawning with a stone-knife or something along those lines so that if your character model isn't right, you could fix it there. But, it could also be used to help open cans. Just a thought.
  11. Dale was born to a wealthy family, he lived a prestigious life in comparison to the houses that surrounded his home city, ghetto slums and crime were common. As he grew up, he was taught his native language of Cajun French, but when he started school, he was forced to start learning English. He grew up, no stranger to firearms, every week he'd go out with his father to the ranch that his grandparents owned, and learned how to fire a weapon, before learning how to fluently speak English. As he got further into school, and better with a gun, his father packed up the family and decided that they were moving. The reason they were moving was because his father had business opportunities in the Middle East, as Saudi Arabia became more rich, businesses wanted a piece of the pie. He was sent to work in Kurzeghistan, before the outbreak. His father was an overseer on businesses involving oil in the black sea, so they were relatively wealthy in comparison to the commons people they met on the street. When the outbreak started, Dale was just a teenager, he was later separated from his family, while migrating North, away from the Coast. Dale has since settled in Chernaurus, taking more of a habit of staying away from people unless he deems them safe enough to approach, though usually a bit too quick. He does a fake Russian accent when he first meets people, to avoid any negative encounters with the Chernarussians.
  12. Fontaineaux

    [OUTDATED] {0.63} How to join the current DayZRP server

    After I get it, where would I find it on my PC? Just had a look around my desktop and it's not there.
  13. The thing about it is that we didn't even raise our guns or do anything hostile, we even said hello, and a had a guy run up and explain why we were there. But you didn't even say a word and still shot at us, without any thought.
  14. Well, I was with the Doctor that was stationed at Vybor, when we got the idea to go to the military camp just South West of there. When we got there, we ran into some chernarussians who approached us. My character, having a distaste for chernarussians, because I had encountered them before (He's American), decided to run away. The chernarussians followed us a way, so the doctor at the clinic, and all of his patients had to flee. When we got back, the doctor was gone, and all of his stuff was still there. We had decided that he had been kidnapped by the chernarussians because they were still on our tail by the time we had gotten back to the clinic, before we ran away and hid. So we stood around for a little while, wondering what we should do, until I decided on going back to the military camp to find the doctor. There were four guys in total, including me, who went with me to the camp. When we got there, I immediately started taking fire from the windows, bullets landing right at our feet. No one was hit, so we took cover behind a wall and decided who should go and try to talk to them. One of my mates went in there and tried talking to them, we were too far out of range to hear what was being said. When he came back, saying something about how they was no one there, I walked over to the building where we had taken shots from, and spoke up, "Hello I am-" And someone popped up from the window, and immediately started lighting me up, no questions asked. I was about 15 meters away from the building before I started taking fire. I was hit 2-3 times before I managed to crawl away, and die behind a wall. The time of the shootings: Shots at our feet: 6:27:9 [In the video] The shot that killed me happened after Charlie died. I was not waving my gun around and threatening people, the only words I said were, "Hello I am-" And then got gunned down. @Jamie
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