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  1. Byronn

    [OUTDATED] {0.63} How to join the current DayZRP server

    I have gone through all these process and i am still getting kicked from the game saying its not my active charterer? Any help?
  2. Byronn


    Hey. i have done what you have said. Made sure i have selected the correct charterer on the home screen however its still kicking me
  3. Byronn


    Cheers ill have a go now
  4. Byronn


    Hi. i am new here and have gone through all the process of filling in the correct froms for my charecter and set my character to public how ever when ever i join the server i literally run about 10 seconds before i get kicked and a server message pops up saying this is not your active character? Any help will be appreciated Thankyou
  5. He was born in the north of the uk in a fairly small working family. His Mum and dad divorced at the age of 18 which caused alot of issues for him. He moved in with his mother where he decided he had to bring in money to help along his mother. He has allays been into wildlife which is what made him study to be a wildlife reporter. Age of 22 he qualified and secured a job at a BBC company where he did many shows on local wildlife around England which was a success. At the age of 26 he decided it was time to broaden his reporting skills where he manged to find a role on another TV station. He was due to do a documentary on the local wildlife at Chernarus, when suddenly the out brakes happend and he got separated from his camera steve due to a high hoard of walkers. The aim will be to regroup with steve and find a way to safety
  6. Hey people. I Dont know if anyone can help me a little. Iv been joining the server for the first time today and when ever i finnaly get on this message pops up and kicks me from game..... WARNING You were kicked from the game. (Battleye: Admin kick (You have no active charector or its not set to publiv view.. Anyone know what i am doing wrong Thanks
  7. Byronn


    Hi. I have been whitelisted but not sure how i get the password to join
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