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  1. Im here but i dont get whats wrong ?. why are words like Agroo , Zombies and Loot Failing to RP , even on His POV im just following him , im a new player and im playing alone and met this guy, i tried to be friends with him but apparently he Reports me for Failing RP ? Also , his Extra evidence is a ScreenShot of me asking if The server was Lagging because in my perspective i was lagging it maybe was my internet or the server either way i was just playing and enjoying the game and met some groups later. the point of this is to RolePlay in a Survival game where Zombies exist , i dont understand why Agroo , Zombie and Loot. ? If stuff like this is very comun these type of people can ruin players experience when we are supposed to interact and all this user did was stay pretty much quiet and just watch what i was saying , i think hes the one with the lack of role play not talking that much. it is not in the Rules that we cant say stuff like i said , and i didnt use any game breaking bugs either.
  2. This character is a Team Survivalist, he tries to help everyone he finds and is a leader/captain, this person can be very agressive sometimes when is threatned. If you do something bad to this character he will Retaliate if Possible Inside the Server Rules. This Character is Probably the Most Serious Character in the world, hes Looks angry all the Time, Probably Because he never got to Help is Beloved ones. Hes Hair is Gray and has a lot of wrinkles due to his Age and Getting Old. he has a small Trimed beard that he Trims with hes Old Knife that he saved from the Mines wich is probably the most valuable thing for him
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