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  1. Born in America, Octavious grew up loving his country and his familiy. He would often go hunting with his father and brother before the fall of everything. Octavious was always interested in the military and joined the military at 19 years old. After years of spending in the military Octavious ended up in special operations force that was sent to Chernarus. He was sent over to Chernarus along with his 5 men team. Unfortunately Octavious lost his men during an ambush of undead. After days and weeks of surviving on his own Octavious still has not found anyone that he can share a life with or talk to. Only the undead are on his path.
  2. As @Jim Mcree said, I had a choice of dying in a horrible way or dying with a straight bullet. My character knew this and choose the first way. CJ said he was going to kill me so I made this decision. I also wasn't the only person of KoG in the compound at the time.
  3. James is a 24 years old man, moved from Western Europe to Chernarus. Trying to build a better life. He decided to move to a calm island on the South-East side of Chernarus. 'Skalisty Island'. While building a calm life, hunting for food, and building a small log cabin house to live in, He hears something on the radio. Chernarus radio station #1: This is a emergency channel. Stay inside your homes. Do not Try to visit other people. Good thing Infected people can't swim. Every day the same peep on the radio: 'No Survivors' I cannot be the only one left in this place, I am going to head inland, I am gonna look for survivors. More about the character i want to be: He has been living on his own for so long, that he isn't used to other people, he will need to get used to it. He is good at making crops, and surviving on his own He is not that good at communicating with other people. And traveling long distances. Before the outbreak he was a criminal, he wasn't being loved by anyone, because of his criminal background.
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