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  1. Group page looks great! Good job guys! Look forward to meeting you all again!
  2. *Would set down the sandbag into place wiping his forehead, then hears the song being played over the radio. Transmitting after it was finished.* *PTT* "Whoa what a voice, should be in Nashville or Hollywood!" *Releases the PTT*
  3. Banks POV: Myself and Numenor were chopping wood outside of our base when all of the sudden we noticed a person run up on us and asked us what we were doing. I replied, then a minute later a yellow car rolled up the road with four other individuals, all of which wearing yellow armbands. We conversed for a bit, telling me fake information saying they were traders. At some point during our conversation that two people broke off; One normal guy and that Golem dude (I think that's what he was going for?) followed Numenor somewhat behind our base while the others remained with me. I was initiated on by the group that was with me, as I was being held up I alerted the men in the compound via code on the radio. Numenor initiated on the two that were following him, they continued and firing started from all sides. Then I promptly put my hands in the air and followed two individuals into the woods while the rest broke off and headed towards Numenor's last known position. I was then told to drop my radio in which I did so. After I was in the woods two individuals restrained me and told me that if they were shot at I would "get shot in the head." I said I was completely complaint and that their was no need for them to shoot me. All of the sudden they hear a sniper shot and light me up when I was restrained. *DEAD*
  4. Wow! Spooky stormy weather!
  5. IrishRepublican


    Looks good man keep it up hope I run into this character down the line
  6. IrishRepublican


    Nice Picture. Looks like its straight out of WW2 or the Cold War Era.
  7. Brother, its not a false report. You guys ran over my friend which is VDM. Then saw my shiny M4 and decided to rob me as I was being attacked by zombies. I'd also like to mention that I was shooting at the zombie horde in front of me which I must have must have clipped one of yall by accident from a stray round as I was being hit. I was not intentionally aiming at you or any of you. I was defending myself against zombies Should of waited until after it was dealt with. Im gonna leave that here. We'll let the staff handle it from here man.
  8. Really man? I'm being swarmed by a horde of zombies and you choose to hold me up. RP first instead of PvP, if you want to do that go on a different server. I was in your custody when you held me up as I was being attacked. Thats on you, kill the zombies with your swift PvP action instead of shooting a man being attacked by the infected and expect him to comply and get killed. 04:00:27 | Player "Cooper Banks" hit by Player "Pyotr Bakalaka" with IZH-43 from 8.12921 meters This guy shoots me with a shotgun as I was getting hit giving no hesitation to my current situation.
  9. There was 5-10 people at the car... however only one of you gave chase. And shot me as I was being hit by zombies. Like I said earlier you gave no value for my life and should of killed the zombies instead of shooting me while I was defending myself from the infected. "Swift PVP" over helping your hostage. 2.3 Be a good sport. Do not focus on PvP aspect of the game and attack everything that moves just because you can or are good at it. 4.6 If you successfully capture a player through a hostile action and then take him into your custody, he is now considered your hostage. You must do everything in your power to keep your hostages alive and in a relatively good health. That includes protecting them from external threats like zombies and leaving them with a realistic chance of survival when they are released.
  10. Server and location: S1 Nabor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): UTC 2020-02-24 Between 0230-0400 Your in game name: Cooper Banks Names of allies involved: @Eciek Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Green Humvee Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: Myself and @Eciek were trying to find a sparkplug in Nabor when we heard vehicles come into town. We ran outside and headed for the town center near the water pumps to investigate. At that said destination I noticed a green Humvee so we went on over and tried hopping on-top of a black Olga that was sitting there to escape the zombies chasing us.(The one we were trying to repair). Then the Humvee abruptly reversed killing my companion @Eciek Killing him dead. I accused said perpetrators of running my friend over in RP fashion and they denied it. After a few minutes of bantering I noticed another car load of people come into town in a red VAZ. Now their numbers were about 5-10 out numbering myself, now alone. I did not like the situation that was coming about so I turned and left running off into a field being chased by the town's infected horde. As I was running I heard one of them call out my location and where I was running. I turned and shot my M4 into the zombie horde killing I believe two. However many more were right behind them and then that's when I heard the man who had been following me yell hands up and initiated on myself as im getting beaten by zombies. Then a second or two later I was shot dead while I was still trying to defend myself against the infected. The person holding me up gave no value for my life and instead of killing the infected around me, then holding me up. He shot me dead.
  11. Agreed, just recently returned to the server and already have run into multiple individuals that have contracted illness. Seems quite common. Would like to see this adjusted accordingly.
  12. Would decode and resend a swift reply after briefly falling asleep to the crackling of the fireplace. Translated:
  13. As he finished off one of the undead with a swift hit of his Nightstick, he would hear the ending transmission of what appeared to be Morse code being sent over his tac-comm radio. Finding suitable shelter he would sit down in a chair and transmit. Translation:
  14. Cooper Banks was born in Franklin, MA to his mother Victoria Banks and his Father Christopher Banks. His mother worked as a Doctor in the local Regional Hospital. His father, a US Army Vet, worked as a State Trooper for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Cooper wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and serve his country, so at the age of 18 after graduating high school he enlisted in the US Army. It was there the military taught him valuable skills such as Special Tactics, Communication, weapons knowledge and usage, along with many other skills such as Mounted and dismounted patrols. Upon graduating from Basic Training he was sent to his AIT school. His MOS was classified as 19D; also known as Cavalry Scout whose job is to perform Reconnaissance ahead of the main force. Cooper was then deployed to Afghanistan serving in the Kandahar province, which at the time had high Insurgent activity. He served three, fifteen month deployments and upon returning home he found it was difficult to adapt back to civilian life from what he has seen over in the middle east. Cooper really dislikes talking about his experiences and sometimes causes him to react in different ways he might not normally act. He knew he could not stay home and be around the ones he cared about, so at the end of his four year contract with the US Army he extended and became a UN Peacekeeper for the United States. Cooper was then sent to Libya and he and his unit quelled any insurgent attacks on the civilian populace of Libya. Upon finishing his tour in Libya he was then called back from leave, abruptly being sent to Nadbór region to help the local government control the out of control population of the small Country of Livonia from causing Riots and overwhelming the local police force after hearing about a medical outbreak of some sort. Things were going well while in country; checkpoints were holding, government centers were working around the clock, all was well until things started to take a turn after awhile. One afternoon Corporal Cooper Banks was on a patrol in a Mi-24 Chopper tasked with providing over-watch for the checkpoints near the city of Gieraltow. The day was normal like any other until the radio blew up out of no where. Screaming, yelling, blood curtling sounds of static. Corporal Banks in the helicopter was assigned five men in total in the helicopter two door-gunners as well as a pilot and copilot along with himself. He told the Pilot to get lower to gain a better view of one of the checkpoints which appeared to have a riot forming and charging the post. Over the helicopter's loud speaker he gave the order for all civilians to cease and desist all activity and return to their homes in accordance to quarantine procedure. The large mob did not miss a single step and continued in a running speed towards the posted sentries quickly jumping on top of the first at the main gate into the city. The ground units along with the choppers door gunners opened fire on the crowd. However the ground units stood no match for the onslaught of disheveled civilians who appeared to have been infected. The door gunners kept up the suppressing fire until Cooper looked over one of their shoulders and saw on the rooftop four men sporting black berets, the sun glistening off of the emblem, a red star. Upon regaining his focus Cooper noticed them pull a RPG from underneath a covered picnic table. He yelled at the top of his lungs "RPG! RPG! Left stick!" The pilots obliged but it was too late for the slow Mi-24. The Rocket Propelled Grenade struck the tail of the helicopter sending it spiraling out of control heading towards the outskirts of farmland. Upon regaining consciousness Corporal Banks noticed he was thrown about 100 feet from the downed helicopter. He quickly rushed to the crash sight.... pilots bodies were crushed by the helicopter and one of the door gunners had a piece of rebar stuck through his chest. Banks then noticed one gunner was missing so he sought out to find the lost man. Losing much of his gear in the crash Corporal Banks was only Armed with his Glock 19 Service pistol. Sprawled out a bit down the road he found the door gunner standing in front of him, his back facing him. Cooper called out to the man "Hey, rally on me we have to get radio comms up now." The door gunner turned and made a mad dash straight for Banks, blood on half his face, the other half contorted and deformed presumably from the crash. Startled by this he dropped to a knee and opened fire on the door gunner. Two rounds striking him in the head. Wiping the sweat from under his beret he started to walk into the forest, but quickly formed into a jog after hearing yelling and moaning coming towards him from the town of Gieraltow. As he ran into the woods he then thought to himself "Great.... I'm alone.....what now...."
  15. Interesting Group, have not seen a UN Group in a good while. Nice breathe of fresh air. Might have to inquire more. Great job so far guys!
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