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  1. IrishRepublican

    Deer Isle shutdown

    Rest Easy Deer Island
  2. IrishRepublican

    Odezva (Open Recruitment)

    While playing in the Odezva group CP, I, @IrishRepublican sign over all rights to my character “Spartak Makarov” to the Group Leadership, any kills under any circumstances by Group Members or Group Leadership will be considered valid so long as I am actively within the group CP. As long as I am playing a Odezva Character that is employed, working or affiliated with the group, or is being placed within the group CP, I sign all rights for my character to the group to be handled at their discretion upon being blacklisted.
  3. IrishRepublican

    New Dawn - Medical Group [Open Recruitment]

    Welcome back! Can't wait to run into yall, should lead to some exciting RP opportunities!
  4. IrishRepublican

    BeanZ WAR

  5. IrishRepublican

    BeanZ WAR

  6. IrishRepublican

    BeanZ WAR

    Damn I always do that, think Im on the last page then it does that lol my b 112
  7. IrishRepublican

    BeanZ WAR

  8. IrishRepublican

    The Runners [Selective Recruitment]

    o7 I salute all of you. Will be missed.
  9. IrishRepublican

    Challange: Find something stranger.

  10. IrishRepublican

    What animal would you miss?

    The Bald Eagle, without it we would not have the symbol of freedom to spread our democracy! 'Merica
  11. IrishRepublican

    [Game] 25 posts before Jack Lemons posts

  12. IrishRepublican

    BeanZ WAR

  13. IrishRepublican

    Spawning in with a knife.

    OR 3) Find some Zeds and mess with them.
  14. IrishRepublican

    BeanZ WAR

  15. IrishRepublican

    BeanZ WAR

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